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noob question... slip on cans

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lectre, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hey all.
    I'm pondering getting a VFR800 (03+), and want to get staintune cans put on the back end (sounds hot hot hot).
    Something I'm not 100% sure on though is if you put new cans on a standard system, do you have to "rejet" (I believe this is the word) the bike? what's involved in rejetting and when would one do this (and what would happen if you didn't do it, and it was required)?

  2. Rejetting is only required on carby equipped bikes, it involves removing the fuel jets and replacing them with ones more suited to the altered exhaust system. Often this isn't necessary and adjusting the carbies is sufficient.

    However I was under the impression that the Veefers are fuel injected? In that case rejetting is not only not required it isn't possible :)

    Having said that, one may (or may not) get better performance with a different map loaded into the FI management system.
  3. There are 3 needles that spray fuel into the cycliner rejecting is when u put in diffrent needles.(usaly bigger) u can change the power curve on your bike.

    I think rejetting is to get some performance out of ur new slip on. If u just want the sound donnt usaly have to bother with a rejet. Some carb can be adjusted by fuel air mixture which is enough to get u more power.

    Costs $350+
  4. Thanks for info guys :)
    Further question:-
    I thought that one could only adjust the FI mapping if you had a power commander? If it's able to be done without a power commander, what sort of interface is needed to alter the FI mapping (IE is it just a USB plug, or is it some sort of fancy Honda-only thing?)
    I guess this is definitely showing my lack of mechanical knowledge!!!
  5. If you have a look at the Staintune website you'll see they also sell fuel injection computers which presumably are designed for a Staintune exhaust.
  6. Pls make sure that if you do go ahead, you post a sound file for us to drool over.

    Yeah, they do sound sweet.
  7. Remapping and Fi system or rejetting a carby will nearly always improve power over 'standard' settings.

    A manaufacturer has to deal with costs, emision controls, fuel types, fuel economy, etc, etc.

    once we get our greasy paws on a bike (car, boat, etc) we can spend as many $$$ on them as we like and push the laws as far as we like.

    Personaly with my VFR a top of around the 245KPH mark is plenty, i've no intention of spending $$$$ on making it faster.

    Just the Carbon Can to make is sound better :grin:
  8. I heard one with staintunes at ProHonda at Rocklea recently, and it sounded like a mini V8.
    however I've found this page which has tons of different sound files for different cans... my favourites would be the staintune and Micron (the rest sound quite tame). Funnily enough I like the sound of the staintune WITH baffles over the un-baffled sound file.

  9. No need mario i will just sit outside your place n rev my storm lol :p
  10. do your actually re-jet a efi bike???

    i would think about a power commander though