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Noob question: how would you fix an L-plate to this bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AngryAnt, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Not much room there given the brake light position. I was thinking of even gaffer taping a magnetic one to the guard below the brake light. Thoughts?

  2. I glued mine to the bottom of the guard with araldite, seemed to do the job. It was easy to remove some the time also.
  3. Looks similar to the setup on my Spada - I trimmed the plate so the width matched that of the guard, then jammed it up under the numberplate until the bottom rested on the top of the reflector. You could only see the bottom of the 'L'...
    Can't vouch for it's legality, but can say I was "spoken to" by the police during that time and they didn't mention it.

    OK, so I was a bit "over-zealous" with the trimming...
  4. Good idea Salty. Did you use a magnetic (or flexible) plate or just one of the hard plastic ones?

    Alright, that might be worth a try also.
  5. Unscrew the red reflector underneath the license plate, pierce a hole to the top middle of the l plate put and screw the reflector back on which will hold the l plate in place for as long as you want. Mine stayed in that way for 12 months.

    You can kind of see it at the back here
  6. remove stop light place l plate under stop light relpace stop light go for ride
  7. I'd probably go with mounting it to one side of the numberplate, with it tucked under the plate just enough that you can use the no. plate mounting screws to hold it in place (and that it clears the indicator).

    Nothing says it has to be right on the centreline of the bike.
  8. Way back when, I cut a sheet of plastic from a 2l coke bottle, folded it in half and stuck the L-plate to that, then screwed it to the bike between number plate and bracket using the number plate mounting screws. Presto! Simple, cheap, sufficiently rigid and practically indestructible. In your case, I'd do the same but sandwich it between brake light and mudguard.
  9. I found (when I was on L's/P's) that using this mounting position would be fine for a maximum of 2 hours riding and then it would simply snap off. I think I wore my P's three times in total (I'm not condoning this course of action though). I always carried one in my bag for the "Oh bugger officer... it must have fallen off" excuse (which I never had to employ).

    Others have suggested gluing several plates together so it is more rigid and less likely to flex, stress and break. In this case you could mount the plate as jd suggested with less chance of breakage.
  10. Blimey, so much choice! I'll try some of these tomorrow and report back on what worked best.
  11. I did it with both the floppy 'L' and the rigid plastic 'P'.
    Was a GPX so it went well under the number plate.
  12. [​IMG]
    Glued to the number plate.
  13. This was the correct answer!


    Thanks for the suggestions everybody.
  14. not meant as advice, but i would'nt bother.
    all i did was snap of the small yellow corner of the L plate with the hole in it; and attach that with a cable tie.
    never got picked up for it, but if i did the excuse was "it was on there when i left.
    i think they make you a target for commodoores.
  15. Glad to hear it worked. On a ride we did today a learners l plate was flapping about and was being eaten by the tyre right before my eyes. We affixed a new l plate on the same way as this and it stopped flapping, became stable.