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Noob Question: Finding out difference b/t CBR250R & CBR2

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, May 10, 2006.

  1. Just what the topic says.
    Apart from the fairings, is there any other way to tell the RR from the R?
    Looking at the VIN perhaps?

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  4. The different swingarm between the two is the easiest way to tell which model it is, but just to be safe make sure all of the numbers check out.
  5. Easiest way to tell is to look at the brakes
    RR = 2 front disks
    R = 1 front disk
  6. Thank you everyone.

    Sorry for being such a noob. :p
    I'm sure I'll learn some day.
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  8. You can also tell by the height. The seat on the RR is lower than the R :) Not by much but you can notice if you look at the two closley
  9. telling a r from a rr

    hey every one.
    a quick q i was wondering how i could make shore my bike is a rr as on the complience plat it has cbr250r but it has the rear forks like the rr pics of the rr and near the same place as the complience plate it has a tag that has mc-22 did they make mc22 in both r n rr ? and its a 94 mod also it has the rr farings or would rr fairing fit a r?
    and way to make shore i never got riped!!
  10. does it have 2 front discs or 1. the rr have 2 front discs and the r has one. saw an r the other day with a rr paintkit, thought it was funny. and the front and rear fairing are different. thats from what i know of
  11. o also the engine number starts with mc14E? was this the new motor with the updated carbs with the 30.5mm butterflys or the old ones with the 32mm?
  12. brakes

    yer it has the two on the front but they soon could have fitted a rr rim with the 2 discs and brake set up?
  13. do you have a pic of it, mite be able to tell by looking, apart from that, i cant help you
  14. Also the rear swingarm is different, if you can get a pic of both it'll show better than i can describe...

    If you ask because the compliance plate shows R, thats probably because it was cheeper to compliance as R and not a RR :)
  15. The R has 3 spoke rims, the RR five (stock at least), along with the differences already listed here. The fairings are slightly different also.
  16. Like everyone else says, the most obvious thing to look at is the disc brakes, if it has twin on the front rather than a single, then it's an RR.
    Another thing is also the wheel of the bike.
    There is a difference b/t the R's wheel and the RR's wheel, although it is also easily changable (as with the brakes I suppose.)

    The difference in swingarm also shows.

    Here's a link to when I asked about the differences about 2 months back:


    Hope that helps.
  17. LOL but you can fit the RR (MC22) wheels onto a R(MC19) bike and get the twin disks...

    Look at the ORIGINAL number that is crosed out on the head stem... If you have MC22 in the number than you have a RR if you see MC19 than it is a R
  18. CBR250RR vs CBR250R

    Its not hard for someone unfamiliar with this model to mistake a R for a RR. Do your research, it will pay off!

    Look at the following things in order of importance:

    From the side look at the frame: RR has a plastic component under the petrol tank (the frame is essentially different to the R) - have a look on bikesales or something, you'll see.

    Year of manufacture: RR began in 1990 through to 1999, R is 1989 and older...

    Frame Number : Should be MC22xxx for a RR, R will be MC19 or MC17 for an 87 model.

    Fairings: RR fairings have vents under the seat etc...

    Things like discs, wheels and paint job are relatively easy to add/change, so dont use these as a guide.

    All the best mate, if you're getting a RR, enjoy it.. i got mine two weeks ago and its an awesome bike!
  19. hey jgul2, how is ur rr a 1997 model. i thought they stopped making them in 1996
  20. I am pretty sure they did aswell... Maybe it is jgul2 who is "unfamiliar" with the model.

    You will also be able to tell by the ride height of the CBR as to which is the R and which is the RR as the seat riding position on the RR is slightly lower than that of an R... I guess to allow you to cuddle the tank more or something.