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Noob Q: Bike inspection Service (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by infinityx, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hey guys

    I am still a noob when i comes to bikes (havent riden one since i got my L's in may last year :p). I've put off buying a bike for a while but i finally found the bike i wanted for a reasonable price.

    I was wondering if anyone here has used one of the bike inspection services?

    i am contemplating buying a honda spada VT250, and managed to get the seller down from #3000 to $2300.

    But i am buying on the condition that the bike is mechanically sound (since the rego expires in February). I really don't want to spend major money down the road because the bike is a 20 year old dud.

    From my limited inspection:
    • the bike has had a fall (the right handle bar grip is scratched)
    • there are also other scratches and chips in the body work and a small dent on the fuel tank
    • the light switch was stuck on "ON"
    • the seller informed me that when changing gears to neutral it will sometimes go straight to first gear

    Overall i don't car about the cosmetic damages i only want it to practice for my "P's test" anyway. But mechanically and roadworthy wise i really do care.

    I want to get one of the inspection services to go out there on Saturday to check it out there (Castle Hill, Sydney) and i was wondering if anyone has recommendations? i am thinking it will cost me $150 to $200?

    Thanks Guys
  2. Noob has to learn to post incorrect forum as well, moved to business providers.
  3. Just to state the obvious, you could probably convince someone here to help you out with the inspection for a coffee, beer, or a heart-felt "thank you".
  4. Thanks for moving it to the right forum smee.

    I;ve got in touch with a company called inspectabike. found them after searching ont eh forum a bit. need to set up a time with the seller now :)

    thanks snowdog...i'll remember to post earlier here in the future :p