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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grant600RR, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just stumbled across the site! Man how much awesome info is there on here!!!!!!!

    Im 25

    Ride 04 CBR600RR

    Lve in Port Macquarie....... just about to move to kiama in 4 weeks

    Also ride a 07 Giant STP..... love keeping fit!!!

    Looking forward to joining in on some ride days!


  2. welcome Grant, hope we're of some use! :grin:
  3. Welcomr Grant and the Giant doesn't count....

    A group of us will be in Port Mac 1921st October, doing the Oxley and Waterfall Way run over that weekend, you should join us if you can.
  4. Hey Grant, welcome, and give me a call when you get down to Kiama, I live in Oak Flats, just up the road, and have a reasonable knowledge of the noice roads round here!!!
  5. It so does count!!! Its an awesome ride..... yes it doesnt go as fast....... but it is truly awesome!!!!!
  6. yeah i arrive down there the beginning of november!!! Would be heaps keen to check out the road with ya!!!!!
  7. Shit load more than ya 2WM site thats for sure. [​IMG]

    Welcum. [​IMG]

  8. pssst Paul you are slipping
    You're supposed to tell him off for posting the title all in caps.
  9. ooops wont happen again
  10. Welcome to NR.
  11. thanks Blue.... nice bike you got. Im saving my hard earned pennies for one of those. How does it roll????
  12. Welcome Grant :)
    Nice bike of your own! :wink: