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Noob/Newbie: Who is/isn't? Clarification Please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by donski1, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Just seeking a little bit of clarification please. How long is someone officially a newbie/noob for? What defines a newb? Who is/isn't a noob? Are they the same thing?

    Am I a newbie still (on restrictions still, been riding 12 mths, 24,000kms)? I just assumed I was one until I was off restrictions (3 more months), but I hear people who are still on Ls saying they aren't noobs anymore? Confused.
  2. I my opinion, if you've done 24,000 kms in 12 months, you stopped being a noob a long time ago.

    Of course, a lot depends on what people define as a noob, and a lot also depends on why this classification is important to you :).
  3. I rekon you can revert to noob status if you spend too much time off the bike... The time you've spent riding in a relatively short period would cause me to lean more to the non-noob catagory. :LOL:
  4. How long is a piece of string....
    Personally it just depends on the indivudal's growth.... *shrug*
  5. :-k

    To me noob status is null and void if you confidently and competently attack corners and/or traffic with correctly earned confidence and have a good grasp of what it is you're doing and why.

    I did a training course years ago that had 40 year riding veterans as part of the student mix... and they were arguing AGAINST using the front brake and didn't know what countersteering was. AFAIWC, they had experience but were still utter noobs.
  6. you are only as n00b as you feel.
  7. My curiousity stemmed mainly from a recent ride that was promoted as non-noob friendly. I automatically assumed this meant me and so decided not to go on the ride. It was only when I saw others of similar riding vintage sign on, that I questioned my understanding of what a newb was.

    It's certainly nothing that I'm losing sleep over. It's a term though that is tossed around alot and I have always just assumed I was still one (until off restrictions). I'm quite happy to consider myself a noob, I have no great desire to be promoted above my station, I was just curious as to the official defintion, if such a thing existed.
  8. Maybe a km / day should be a measure as to ones newbieness, for instance i have only be riding for 3 years and have racked up 60 000 + km ~ 54KM PER RIDING DAY which im assuming is on the high side so lets take you 24 000 in 365 days ~ 65km (wow) ok. so lets say that my 54km is average then we will say that anyone under that is a newbie and any one over that is not.

    But what sort of km are we talking, are they highway km are they twisty m or commuting km. could you be a highway newbie but a twisty god, or a commuter newbie but a highway god???

    And how many km do you have to rack up to start to use this equation, should you have 5000 km under the belt or 10 000km ????

    so maybe the equation is:

    no. km riding = non-newbie

    (no. highway km ridin / 2) + (no. commute km ridin' / 1.5) + (no. twisty km ridin' /1) - 5000 = (>50km/day non-newbie and <50km/day newbie)


    OR are we talking netrider newbie, so a post per day equation is required?????

  9. I agree with that and we never stop learning.
  10. A newbie is usually someone who needs to be "looked after" on a ride. Some rides cater specifically to this and will wait at a specific destination and have a TEC happy to putter along behind them. On other rides though people expect all riders to be able to keep up with the pack so to speak making them less suitable for those that struggle with corners/overtaking/dirt rodas/lanesplitting/whatever.
    Of course some riders will consider anyone on a 250 a newbie simply because they can't match the (illegal) speeds of bigger bikes on straights.
  11. Donna, in that context then, to me, 'non-noob friendly ride' means "only riders that can handle themselves in the twisties need apply".

    It's not a ride for wobbling or posted advisory corner speed cornering riders.

    It may not even be an intermediate skill or 250cc friendly ride if the ride leader is going to push it.

    ...Then again, a well ridden 250 will keep up with most bikes in serious twisties.

    edit: I think I just said what JD said in a different way.
  12. Yep looks like we're saying the same thing Rob.

    One other factor I forgot to mention is distance. A 250 rider might be great at short bursts through the twisties - but could still well be considered a newbie on a ride comprising of several hundred kilometres of twisties.
    Again it all comes down to not just how many kms you've ridden - but what sort of riding that entailed (and how much you learned along the way ;)).
  13. Keep your mind in a permanent state of noobness, grasshopper, and your learning will continue unimpeded by your ego.

    Ah. So.

  14. A big x2 to Loz's post (apart from the r.sole bit :p )

    Otherwise, have a look on the Event/Ride Calendar page. Where do you fit in the Ride Classifications?
  15. Heh.

    Newbie is a slang term for a newcomer to... an Internet activity.
    Not to be confused with "Noob"...
    Someone who acts [as silly as] a "newbie," but isn't one, would be
    referred to as one of the variant spellings. The variant "noob" has
    become common in spoken English by juveniles. Alternate spellings
    include "newb", "n00b", "noob", "nooblet", "nub", and the recently
    popular "nublet" and "nubcake". These alternate spellings of
    the term, other than "newb," inherit the definition of "newbie" but
    are generally used in a derogatory manner to indicate uselessness
    because of the ignorance associated with being a newcomer [although
    he/she ought to know better].

    So judging from your post, with your experience you are
    no longer a newbie, and with your caution and common sense you
    are not a n00b either.
    Happy netriding! :grin:
  16. Everyone else is just being nice. I would class you as a newb as only a n00b would ask such a newbie question. Bloody newbs shouldn't be allowed on the road. :wink:

    Now I'm starting to queston myself. Am I a n00b? :eek:
  17. I'm pretty noob when it comes to long distance, my bum isn't used to it. :LOL:
    I guess I'm a pretty bad rider when it comes to speed, but I am yet to be in an accident or the like, and have avoided too many to count.
    I slow down to soccer mum speed very fast as soon as I notice.... water, gravel, Loud noises, and the like. As I mainly commute to work, this really doesn't impact me a huge deal. The longest trip I have done in a day was around 200km's, not huge by some peoples standards, but long enough that I came to realize that I need a new seat if I want to do more (That and a screen, the stock GPX one hits just below my helmet and kinda sucks, Still light years ahead of the GS125 which I used to use however.).
    Not sure how many K's I do a year, as I share one of my bikes, but in the last month weeks I have done ~1.2k. Roughly 15k a year I guess, I don't really keep track, and have only just started taking note of fuel usage(~3.9L/100 was best, 4.2L/100 was worst, but small sample so far. :( )

    I think the noobness of someone has as much to do with situational awareness as ability to actually ride. Someone who was WOT all over the place and generally going fast might not notice the gravel on the road, however someone slower may have and thus be less nooby(And have a smaller repair bill). Doing a large amount of K's a year will definitely improve your riding skill (Or make you open your eyes to the cagers attempting to kill us all).
  18. i like noobies, i can look at them all day :woot: or was it boobies????
  19. hmm boobies..i saw some once.
    by the way a piece of string is the same distance from the centre to either end.
    go for a ride through the main street of cabramatta near sydney.if you make it out alive,your not a newb.
  20. I whole heartedly agree with what jd has posted but I think we need another category.... "tosser".
    For those who think they are much better than they are
    For those who buy the biggest/loudest/fastest bike to win a p!ssing competition
    For those who ruin the experience of other riders through their actions, words or deeds