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Noob net question - changing to wireless

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I have no idea about the net, or how wireless works. We've got an old school cable connection at home. How to you change it to wireless? Is it just changing the modem? Do you need to organise it through your net provider? And I take it you'd just need a receiver on your PC, (not sure how PS3 picks it up though)

    Again, complete net noob, any advice would be great. Cheers.
  2. Are you talking about changing your internet connection to wireless internet or changing your home network to wireless?
    If your talking about changing your home network to wireless it is very easy.
    You do not have to notify your internet provider.

    You will need to buy a wireless router. You connect it to your main computer. If you have any extra computers in the house you will need to buy wireless network cards for them unless they already have them.

    Your PS3 has a wireless network card built in so you'll need nothing there.

    If your keen and have any more detailed questions feel free to ask.
  3. See, i dont even know what that question means!!

    Have net on mates PC, i want to get a notebook and have net for the PS3 also, is that home network then?
  4. Let us start with a few questions.
    What have you currently got?
    Have you got one box that plugs into your phone line or cable line?
    Do you connect it to your USB Port or to a network port on your computer?
    Now I have not played with a PS3, does it have an un-board wireless card? Or is it an add on?

    I will give some info that may short cut some of this.
    There are two parts to getting internet traffic,
    1) The internet modem
    2) Routing.
    Now the modem basically chatters on the internet, it has a phone or cable port and it has one other port (Plus power)
    A router does all the stuff to tell the world who you are and how to get traffic to and from you.
    If the modem plugs in to your USB Port it means that your computer is working as a router.
    If you have 1 box that plugs into a network port it means the modem and router are all in one box.
    So why am I explaining all of this?
    If you have a one box solution, you need to replace that with either a wireless one box solution or, a separate modem and router.
    If you have the USB Solution, but it also has a network port (looks like a tubby phone plug) then you can just get a wireless router and your ISP won’t know the difference (Once you work out how to get it to talk)
    Once you have the router talking through the modem, the next issue will be securing your wireless. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS. If you don’t it means people can connect to it, and snoop your network and steal all your doggy p0rn. But more likely they can steal use of your internet connection. A PS3 may have limits on what sort of security it can use so you will have to work that out and match it.
    As you can see there are lots of variables here, but it is all very doable
  5. You need to buy a wireless router. They usually have 4 (or more) ports to let you plug in "wired" connections too. So, you plug a network cable from the cable modem into the wireless router and the wireless router becomes your "gateway" to the internet for you home network. Then you can plug the PS2 in via a cable, and any desktop machines by cable into the router using it's ports. You can connect laptops via wireless connection to the router, and even desktops in other rooms using a wireless access device (usually a USB device).

    When you set your wiresless router up, PLEASE dont forget to follow the instructions on how to secure the wireless network. The reason is that out of the box, anyone can connect to your wireless router ie your neighbours. We have someone in our street or surrounding area that has been providing free internet access for months now because they forgot to do that!

  6. Thanks FL, i'll have to check that stuff out when I get home.

    And I've heard about securing the wireless connection, only cause I had a mate who was piggy backing off the next door neighbours the dodgy bugger!!

  7. Yes thats a home network. Your PS3 already has a wireless network card built in. Your laptop will too.

    So all you need is a wireless router which you will use to share the internet connection throughout the house.
  8. Sweeeeeeet, thanks everyone!
  9. No worries mate, let us know before you buy the router because there are quite a few to choose from.
  10. So you PS3 already can get internet traffic?
    If that is the case then the question is, does it have a wire (Like a tubby phone cable) running to your little box that plugs into the internet (Phone line or Cable)
    If the answer is no… then you already have a wireless network set up, you just have to work out how your security is set up… if it is?
  11. I just picked up a GD834G V3 Netgear (ADSL2+) for $60 inc postage on eBay last week :wink:

    Its my second GD834G (replaced a V1) and WiFi security is on by default.
  12. Just remember to setup your wireless security properly too. Otherwise people can leech off your connection.
  13. does the PS3 talk to a secure wireless connection? I ask because I got my daughters all excited about playing their Nintendo DS's on the internet since they are also wireless enabled. Unfortunately the DS only talks to a completely unsecure wireless access point. I wasnt prepared to give the whole neighbourhood free internet so no go for the DS's - anyone with a PS3 know if it can talk to a secure network?
  14. Even if we could tell you what you need (Linksys FTW ;) ), you'll need to be able to set it up and secure it, you could fumble your way through it, but maybe try the "Pay it forward" thread (in General) and see if you're near anyone IT savvy and they can help :)