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noob needs help with first oil change...what oil???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nicholas9283, May 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys and gals... i want to do my first oil change ever. now i've had a pretty good look around and i've even looked at the workshop manual and i still don't know what oil i need to use.

    the bike is a Honda Spada VT250, its done bout 40000k's. what oil do i need???

    this probably is a really dumb question...but i still need an answer. haha.

    thanks guys. cheers nick.

  2. hey mate, use Motul 5100 10/40 weight
  3. thanks for that mate.
  4. The manual should have a rating for the oil in it to use. Other then that, brand is up to you.

    I use motul 5100 and have been happy with it.
  5. i had a look in the manual, but i only own a an electronic version that is actuly just the original version photo'd. and where it says what motor oil to use it has been cut off. haha, always the way. but thanks for the help.
  6. go for the 10-40w then
  7. Unless you've got a supply of oil at home and arent sure which one to pour in, the shop you go to and buy it should be able to help you out too.
  8. before you buy motul, go read the oil controversy thread on here. i made the switch to Delo 400 just recently, and at $42 for 5L, instead of around $80 for 4L or whatever Motul 5100 costs, it seems bloody worth it :)
  9. I agree. Motul 5100 is around $65 for 4 litres (~ $16 per litre), but it's still pretty expensive compared to Delo 400 which you can pick up from a Caltex servo at $42 per 5 litres (~ $8 per litre) as nibor said. Hey, did you know nibor backwards is robin? :p

    Delo 400 is a mineral fleet oil rated for heavy duty turbocharged diesel truck engines which have turbochargers running at up to 100,000 rpm and oil change intervals running into tens of thousands of kilometres, so I think it should be OK in a Spada. :wink:
  10. Seconded - same situation & same bike, no probs
    This probably belongs in the controversy thread, but possibly Rimula too ...