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Noob maintenance questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by I'm Simon, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Guys, sorry if this has already been covered but...

    Lubing the chain on my ZZR - How often and what is a recommended lube? Is it best to use the centre stand or roll the bike i.e. lube,roll,lube,roll etc. Any other recommended ways of doing it?

    Tyre pressures on the ZZR, I suppose it is tyre specific but am interested in general recommendations. Sorry for the questions, bike didn't come with a manual.
  2. chain lube; every 500 (roughly 2 tanks)

    tyre pressure; i have it on 30psi rear and front. (i have 32psi on my car)

    zzr's and cbr 250's are a similar class, so i'm assuming its the same
  3. as for applying chain lube;

    i get my bike on my kick stand (not centre stand), and rotate my wheels without moving my bike forward. it's pretty tricky at first; and you need a bit of muscles ;)

    when i first did it - i rolled my bike bit by bit to lube (like what you do)
  4. I got 32psi front and 34psi rear. That was recommended to me by my mechanic. In the maintenance book it says 32psi front/rear.

    Sure your cbr250's not running low biceps?

    I'm getting a rear stand so i can do the lubing. Can't wait.

    Final tip don't have the engine running and resist urge to put bike in first when lubing. Nasty accidents can happen!
  5. no idea if i'm running low. my bike actaully says 29PSI for front and rear :?

    i think alot of guys on the cbr250's have it on the 30 mark. of course; it's different for different tyres and different bikes.

    and yeah - i dont understand why there would be a need to leave your engine on whilst lubing. Mine's always off. And i also hear it's better to lube the chain whilst its warm. ie go for a ride and apply it. You'll find that the chain lube 'sizzles' when it hits the chain. i love the noise coz i think something good is happening lol
  6. Ya, a warm chain is good. Also, get yourself a good accurate tyre pressure gauge (preferably with deflation ability) 'cause those servo tyre inflators can be way off.
  7. I use a tommy jack to lube the chain, far cheaper than a race stand.

    Simon, give me a call if you wish, we'll go for a short squirt to heat the chain up and come back to lube the chains.

    I'll show you how and in 5 minutes, you'll be en expert chainluberuperer :p
  8. Hopper, I've had my ZZR 12 months now and mechanics tell me i keep it well. after much Q&A i settled on a routine of light lube every time i fill the tank - roughly 300km.
    I get off the bike after i get home on a fill day (warm chain) and put the bike on the centre stand.
    I have a piece if board about as wide as the wheel and high enough to slip in between the chain and the wheel rim. Goes to just above the chain. I stick a sheet of newspaper over the board (just tack the top corners with sticky tape). This keeps the overspray off my rim.
    I use Motul road lube.
    I cut down the tube they supply so i can rest the back of my hand on the swing arm (watch the exhaust) for stability and put the tip of the lube tube just at the point where the chain goes round the rear sprocket. i press and spin the wheel fairly fast with the other hand. Back half of the chain fisrt then the front.
    Seems like a complicated process but usually takes me about 2 minutes max.
    If i'm guilty of anything it's probably overlubing - sometimes i just have to give it that extra squirt to be sure.
    Tyre pressures - recommend start at a point and try for a while then move them around progressively until you find what you are comfortable with. I started with recommnded (i thing 28 front 30 rear) and felt them bottom out occasionally. i went up to 34 front and rear and moved up as far as 36 - now have settled back on 32 front and 34 rear.
    I'm not a major experienced expert - this is just my learning over the last 12 months
  9. the cardboard thing is a good idea; i might have to do that; coz i hate cleaning my wheels/rims.

    forgot to answer the question about the type of chain lube; i use motul factory line. for memory, its about 20 a can.

    i think another point to remember is to do your tyres when they are cold. ie, from a cold start, get yourself to a servo within 5mins. And like Mith said, just experiment and find a PSI that's good for you.
  10. Thanks for all your replies guys.

    Job done ! Phone call from Vic, a quick squirt to his place. 20 minutes later I had recieved a chain lubing demo, a lubed chain, a can of chain lube and a netrider number plate surround. He is quite the salesman! :wink:

    Thanks again Vic.
  11. Hi

    Just wondering what lube would be suitable for a 250rr. (i suppose they're all the same?)

    Are these easily bought from a local autobarn supercheap auto etc?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Supercheap Auto do stock chain lube - just stay well away from the Castrol stuff (it's complete crap). They do however also stock Fuchs Silkolene Chain Gel which I'd certainly recommend for any bike.
  13. They are sure as hell NOT all the same. Stay as far away as possible from Castrol and Shell lubes. Seriously, you'd be better off not lubing than use that shit. :wink:

    What you want is Motul. If that's not available get the Belray, but any motorcycle dealer will have plently of Motul on hand so it should never be an issue. :grin:
  14. Righto, thanks for the heads up! i was actually thinking castrol or something similar :shock:

    Cheers for the help fellas.