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Noob Learner's MPE (another one :P)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by something_wild, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, been floating around the forums a while, recently got my license and first bike, that being a MC22 CBR250RR.
    Luckily came across this very good example early in the search.
    Love it, love riding....wrapped to be on two wheels!!

    Hope you like it...first one was how i got it, second how it is now. (Mates 250r ninja also featured)

    Planning to get tinted screen, and a couple of other small mods but realistically, won't waste too much as i'm already saving for my litre bike :twisted:

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  2. Nice! How good are the tri colours!? I am about to get a tricolour 2009 cbr125r. Was going to get a cbr250 (would have preferred one the same as yours if I did) but I thought newer v older, less money v more money to buy, insure, rego etc, fuel injected v carbie, the 125 won hands down for a first bike esp for me being female. Great to hear your enjoying it, Im pretty nervous about getting my licence! Lovely example like you said too :)
  3. Hey mate
    lovely looking bike, those cbr's tend to rev it up quite high :D, enjoy your new ride and keep it rolling. Looks even better with the ninja by it's side
  4. Get ready for the ton of fun headed your way!
  5. Thanks guys, loving it heaps!!!
  6. Nice bike. Had a couple of them and they are great to learn on and are pretty zippy.
    Think I saw you last Thursday night near St Kilda marina (end of Glenhuntly rd). Recognise the bike and helmet. I fanged past on my RVF.
    Have fun and the bike looks great.
  7. Yeah i remember that!
    Man how i'd love an RVF....was close to buying one for my first bike, but just couldn't justify the minimum $7k price tag... Best lams bike by far though!

    Will lap up some good fun km's on the ciblet then move on to something that actually pulls (in a straight line i mean, as the cbr is mega fun in the twisties!) when the time comes ;-)
  8. Nice bike!

    I notice you are sporting the ebay-spec AC-Bikes exhaust... How does it sound on the CBR? I've got one on my ninja, sounds pretty good (not as good as some more expensive ones) for a cheapie.