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noob insurance questions regarding accident

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by waymoz, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. ok so i got backed out into in a parking lot and my bike is pretty messed up. he's admitted fault and will lodge a claim with his insurance. just a few questions that i wanted to ask.
    he's full comp. with aami and im third party with aami.

    1. does it matter if my third party insurance isn't under my name for the bike? but everything else was still legal, because i'm licensed etc. and not at fault

    2. i banged my face on the ground pretty hard and the helmet saved me from losing it. will i get paid out for a brand new helmet?

    eurgh i hate dealing with insurance. they never give you a straight answer. :evil:
  2. Not sure, did the insurance holder nominate you on their policy as a authorised rider (or something to that effect)? Reason I ask is I am going through the whole insurance ride due to a off I had a few days ago. My brother has leant me his bike so I can get around, but had to call his insurance people to nominate me as another rider.
    You can claim for a new one, as the other guys insurance is paying. Whether or not you get it is another thing. I bought fully comprehensive insurance with my bike and that has $2-$3000 gear coverage.

    That being said, my claim is my first insurance claim, so I'm just learning the ups and downs of insurance. At least the second party in your case stopped and gave details......
  3. I thought there was a reasonable/occasional use factor on insurance, that allowed other riders/drivers to use the vehicle some arbitrary number, say 6 times a year and be covered. I mean, if you get a new car and let a friend try it out, you don't ring the insurance company and put their name on the plan.
  4. I have a feeling that this may vary between companies and policies.

    There are other things that will change to, I konw that when I was learning to drive my mums policy excess would be $1500 if I crashed onto of her excess.

    My wifes grandparents insurance wont cover under 25's
  5. 1. shouldn't matter at all. Even if you were uninsured the insurer of the at-fault party would still have to pay (if they accept the claim without dispute).

    2. By all means make sure you claim it. Any third party damage of any kind should be covered. Different story if it was your fault.
  6. in Vic, the CTP payed with the rego is all you need to be legally covered isn't it?. You'll be claiming on the third parties' policy for all your damage and expenses but with CTP and rego there should be no way for them to weasle out of paying
  7. You might want to do some homework SV.


    The TAC premium paid with rego covers medical costs and services, NOT property damage for you or anyone else. It is not "third party property".

    If you have no additional cover, you leave yourself completely exposed to litigation and personal costs for property damage. Similarly, if someone chooses not to pay you for damages to your vehicle caused by them, it's up to you to take them to task for costs. Even if they are insured, if their insurance company wants to contest a claim, it's going to be yourself and their lawyer in court.

    To the OP - the PDS for any policy can vary enormously in their cover of riders who are NOT the primary policy holder or a nominated rider. If you are someone they "would otherwise decline to cover" because of driving or criminal record, the insurers of the bike you were riding you might find they are reluctant to represent you in dealing with the other party's insurer. In short, you need to read the PDS for the policy covering the bike you were riding.

    Interesingly, most Product Disclosure Statements I have read explicitly state that you must not admit any fault or responsibility following an accident in the "what you must NOT do" section. This guy has admitted fault to you.
  8. You misunderstood him. He means to receive compensation from somebody else, who is at fault, all you need to do is be on a registered vehicle, legally equipped with CTP and carry a rider's licence. [He said the third party would be paying, NOT that you'd be paying with your compulsory third party.]

    As you say though, if the other party refuses to pay, you'd be screwed.
  9. No misunderstanding. He's associating a premium paid with registration (Transport Accident Commission medical trauma cover) with "cover" for the damage to the OP's vehicle and his helmet. The TAC premium has nothing to do with anything in this case because nobody was injured, but having a license and rego has everything to do with it. THAT part of it means that the OP was entitled to operate that vehicle on the road. If either of those conditions were not as they were, there would be little chance of any insurance company coming to the party.
  10. hey mate, sorry to hear it!
    u had me worried when i saw the post topic...

    the fact is he hit you, has admitted fault, and has full comp. irrelevant if you/the bike you are on is insured, he is required to pay up. hopefully as the bike you were on is with AAMI, its an internal thing and they can sort it easily themselves. in the worst case scenario, you will have to personally deal with AAMI, sort out quotes to get it fixed etc. and yes you can claim your helmet, it was damaged because of the driver. check all your gear, and scuffs/damage, claim that too. hit your phone pretty hard? claim that, etc etc :p

    it could have been santa claus on the bike but it was insured for only the easter bunny to ride, the fact is the other driver is at fault, he is required to pay for his damages... even if he does borrow money from the tooth fairy :p
  11. nope.

    all I'm saying is that by having a license and riding a bike with current rego and CTP (and TAC) that you're covering all the legal bases. Granted that having no additional insurance policy means that you will not be covered for any damage to your and anyone else's goods including riding gear, but that's not the case here. The OP's claim will be against the other driver so providing the OP is legal they MUST pay
  12. i wrote off my friends car last year and was not nominated or anything as the driver, we had jus swapped for a few days jus coz. the other person was at fault so it didn matter that i was drivin. but whoevers name the policy is under has to make the claim.
  13. okay awesome. thanks for all the responses. so basically all that happens now, is my mate that owns the policy will contact them and tell them what's happened and that he wants to also claim his helmet. thanks for all your time guys! :)