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Noob indecision

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JMAC, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    New to road bikes and new to Netrider! At nearly 39 I decided I needed to tick a few more things off my bucket list and owning a motorcycle is definitely a fun one to tick off!

    Now, not exactly the worst problem to have occupying one's mind, but I'm kinda stuck on what bike to purchase. I have looked at Harley softails my whole life and always wanted one and more recently taken not of the V-Rod..... so I figure a cruiser is probably the direction I will go sooner or later.

    Having said that I've tried to approach the whole process fairly open minded. I have sat on a few bikes of different styles, makes etc. At this stage the bikes I have liked the most are the Yamaha XVS650 Custom, the Kawasaki Vulcan S, and strangely enough the Kawasaki Versys. I'm trying to stick to the 10-12k range price wise, and as I am on my L's it must be LAMS. I have considered the buy a beater first then trade up approach but would rather just buy something I can keep for a few years while I save for my actual dream bike.

    I have tried the Harley street 500 and found it just horrible, didn't suit my body at all. I also tried the Suzuki boulevard (S40) but didn't like it so much. I just couldn't ride a ninja or similar sport bike.... the position just doesn't work well for me.

    I am 6'1 and a bit, broad shouldered, and about 130kg so i'm hardly a small guy.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a Vulcan S with the extended reach setup and how much difference it made for legroom/comfort? I have only sat on one with the standard setup making the Yamaha slightly more comfortable for my legs but then I like the ABS and other tech that has gone into the Vulcan S.

    Also, any good places to practice in Sutherland Shire, the closer to Menai the better?
  2. Keep for a few years is like obeying every rule every ride, it's a lie. Buy something cheaper.
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  3. Yamaha XVS... You won't be disappointed..

    I kept mine for over 4 years...Didn't have a single problem.
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  4. The Yamaha 650 definitely has the runs on the board here on Netrider: at one stage a few years back every man and his dog had one....
  5. In regards to the street 500 I'm guessing u felt abit cramped on it? I'm sure there are ways u could extend the pedals to make it suit u better. I own a night rod and I had to do that to suit my long legs better
  6. Yes definitely cramped, also felt the weight was oddly balanced.... Sitting on a night rod is totally different.... I'm fine on that bike....

    I can't exactly put my finger on what it was about the street except the shape of the tank felt wrong somehow and uncomfortable sitting against.... Possibly due to the way my legs were pushed up by the pegs in a mid position....
  7. Ok,

    so I basically just went and bought a Kawasaki Vulcan S....crazy some may say.... but I am totally glad I did!!! To be honest I can genuinely see keeping it until i can afford a big cruiser down the track..... Has plenty of power, is super comfy to ride, seems to have plenty of stopping power, and has the modernised cruiser look I like. I can honestly say i would recommend this bike to anyone considering it..... even the fit and finish is fantastic.

    I was a bit nervous when i first jumped on... rode around the little drive area in the complex where I live like a scaredy cat and then thought this is silly, grown man on a bike etc so... next thing I know Im doing 60km/hr down the main road and practically laughing... only a short 20km ride (basically as I thought best not to press my luck on my maiden voyage) but I may just be addicted! There is definitely an urge to keep going back to sit on the bike.....
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  8. Great job JMACJMAC I would however suggest you get some practice at slow speeds in a carpark 1st. The bike is much more stable at higher speeds like 60. By not getting used to that weight at slow speeds may mean a drop when you eventually have to ride slower in traffic.

    Its an addiction now.
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  9. well done JMACJMAC take your time enjoy the ride
  10. Nice one mate. Those Vulcans are a lovely looking bike. Have fun. When your thinking of upgrading come and take my night rod out for the day.
  11. Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the club JMACJMAC, I can recommend attending the Homebush practise sessions Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm) as they are invaluable practise for your MOST test. As for rides out your way there are several, the nasho is probably a good starting point with decent cornering and speed limits to suit L's, be aware it can be well policed at times !.

  12. Congratulations and a great choice of bike. Thats the exact bike I wanted to buy initially, but I went down the path of grabbing a cheaper used bike to get myself up and mobile, knowing that I will upgrade in future. Enjoy!
  13. Congrats on the addiction....
  14. Generous offer mate! (y)
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  15. Yeh a night rod is my plan for bike 2 :)
  16. Yup... I definitely want to enhance my slow speed and am working on it.... Have a mate who is going to show me how to get comfy under 5kms/hr apparently.... Will also probably pay for some training at some point too although may be on Ps by the time that happens.... I figure it's all a journey....

    Even after a few hours and 100kms I am feeling more nimble on it and handling gear changes and things like small movements in traffic.... right now I want to get my turning and movements through things like roundabouts and doing u turns smooth... Also working on better agility to dodge things as I figure that will probably save my life some day