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NooB in the house!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by EnZ, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Well, Hi all, i'm pretty much a Noob.

    Just got my learners, and looking for a bike. Sucks being restricted but oh well. Looking at a CBR250RR, as i want something that has a little go, and is a four stroke.

    I have been browsing your forums, and enjoy what it has to offer.

    Just thought i'd say Hello!
  2. Hello and welcome.

    I am sure you will learn a lot while on restrictions.. i think they should bring that in here..

    Enjoy and have fun

  3. Heya EnZ,

    Welcome.... :D

    May I be the first to say "Yay" and stick up for the ole CBR250R(R)'s....

    Depending on how much you're looking at spending, I will suggest a good place to have a squizz....Recycled Motorcycles in Lilydale (not sure if that's anywhere near to you or not).

    You may pay a bit more than what you would outta the Trader but you'll get an excellent machine with 6 months warranty & 12 mths rego....oh and your choice of paint job (colour & design).

    Anyway, happy hunting and c-ya out & about soon

  4. G'day Enz!
  5. And a hearty Netrider welcome to you, Enz!
  6. Hi EnZ , welcome. ....
  7. Sup, and welcome, yo.
  8. Yiasoo ;)
  9. Bond hoor.....
    (scotsman doing french )
  10. WT?!?

    Welcome :D

    Go the CBR's :D

    Where abouts in Melb are ya?

  11. Hi EnZ , welcome
  12. Welcome to the Nuthouse, Enz! Sure you'll fit right in.
  13. G'day Enz. Welcome aboard!

    Did you get your nick after watching an add for radiator hose? :)
  14. Welcome aboard EnZ,

    Restrictions do suck but must of us have had to do it.. Some of older guys on here were lucky enough to ride around the block to get there license and were able to jump on any bike..

  15. Hey Enz,

    From what I've read you can't go wrong with a CBR, enjoy!
  16. LoL.....you think i might be breaching any copy right laws? :p

    Thanks for the hellos, hopefully i can get to know you guys a lil better once i get touring on my bike.......Just gotta part with the car :(

    I live in Taylors Lakes, out west of Melbourne.

    Thanks for your advice and opinions, i do think the CBR is the right choice.....For now :twisted:
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  18. Welcome to the crazy bunch EnZ.