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Noob in Mosman

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by IdunBrokditAgin, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hi All - just joined the site and thought I'd introduce myself.

    Recently moved to Sydney from Wellington (lived there for 6 years - I'm a pom who moves around a bit). Got into riding while in NZ about 3 years ago (awesome roads over there).
    Have owned a couple of bikes: Honda Hornet 250; Triumph Street Triple and just bought a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - my first ozzie bike.

    Anyway I'm new to Sydney and looking to meet some locals to show me the good roads around here. Only currently using the bike to get to and from the girlfriends place and the occasional commute into the cbd (bloody lanes are thin in sydney though - makes lanesplitting a bit of an art).

    I'd class myself as a competent, not experienced, rider - never got my knee down even though I've done a few trackdays.
    Little spill (back in NZ) after hitting diesel mid corner fecked up my cornering confidence for a wee while but keen to get into some good cornering now I have a bike again.

    Happy to go on social rides or mid paced - just want to find the good roads and meet some other bike people.

    Also have a few mates who are making rumblings about getting into bikes so would be interested in any learner friendly rides.

    Finally, as my new bike is the first I've had with adjustable suspension I'd be keen to learn the knack of setting it up properly from someone with the knowledge (can pay with beers).


  2. Good riding around Wellington, or did you go further afield?
  3. Yup both, Rimutakas are only 30 mins away from welly, plus loads of good little roads if you know where to find them (Makara etc).

    Did a few road trips round the north island plus a bike tour round the south island for a week or so. Brilliant roads down there.

    I went to scout out the royal national park the other day - looks good down there - was in a car . Got to ask though - why does everyone in Sydney seem to ride an R1? Nice bikes but every other bike I see seems to be one.

    Had a look round this site and there are a couple of threads on good local roads - Putney road sounds good - any other recommendations?
  4. Welcome!

    Putty Road, the Royal National Park and the Old Pacific Highway are all popular.

    Bells Line of Road to Lithgow is another good one to check out. Or head down to do the Kangaroo Valley - Cambewarra - Berry - Macquarie Pass loop for a longer ride.

    The learners session at Homebush does a learner friendly ride after the slow manouevre practice. Slow stuff is normally 1-2 or 2.30, then if enough people are interested, a group ride towards Wisemans Ferry, then turning off, ending up at Maccas at McGraths Hill near Windsor. You then find your own way home (normally Windsor Road to wherever). There are a few different routes taken, so it mixes it up a bit. Anyone is welcome to do the practice or the ride, or both.
  5. Cheers dude, will try out some of those roads.

    I think I will definately be down homebush at some point - girlfriend told me last night she is applying for her license this week - was an unexpected suprise.
    I might also have a go at the slow manouevre practice - I've always been crap at that IMO.
  6. Hey let me know if you want to go for a ride this weekend. I'm on green P's and I have two learners as well who I go riding with on Old pac pretty regularly. We're on the north shore too
  7. Welcome to New Zealand West, to riding in Oz, and to Netrider :).
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes.

    Toadcat, might well take you up on that offer - will send you a PM.