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Noob in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ven3li, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. G'day! Seems this is the place to introduce myself.

    I'm currently looking for my first bike. I grew up in the country, so spent a fair bit of time out on mates properties riding whatever they had but never actually had my own.

    Now I'm living in the city I've decided to bite the bullet and get a bike to get around on down here.

    Looking into getting a Honda Spada or VTR 250. Really like the naked V-twin look and they both seem like good bikes to learn how to ride on the road.

    Also a very keen Motogp fan, I'm usually late to work on mondays after staying up all night watching races.

    Be good to go on some rides and meet some people once I get a bike and my license sorted.
  2. welcome mate :cool:
  3. Hey there Ven3li, welcome to the forum! Looking for a VTR? Check out my sig!
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  5. Thank for the welcome guys.

    One thing I have been wondering about is what sort of attention riders get from the police in regards to defects and EPA's?

    My car spends a lot of time off the road because of these things (joys of driving an import) and I'm hoping I wont have these problems with a bike.
  6. Depends on the bike and the rider. :) Certain bikes models and some biker behaviour attracts attention. After market pipes if they are loud enough to attract attention will cause you grief. Certain areas are heavily patrolled and so you have a greater chance of being picked up.

    So keep it quiet, if you have after market pipes take it gently at low revs through country towns. Weekends on the Spurs and GOR will be patrolled and your risk of being stopped and license checked is higher. If you bike looks blinged up you will be a more attractive target. Manage the risks.

    Being smart ar*e to the Police will definitely get you grief, they have a wide range of aggravating options. Your helmet doesn't have a Australian Standard sticker your visor doesn't have an AS sticker. Your pipes are too loud you will need to get them independently tested. All the way to you are a hoon we are impounding your bike.

    Generally despite all the whinging about Police they will leave you alone, but at 23 you have more chance of them giving you grief than I do as a decrepit old rider. ;)

    Good Luck.
  7. That's soo true.

    oh and welcome :)

    I have an R1 and it gets looked at by the police all the time, but as I generally see them before they see me you just go up gears and keep it quiet (though it's all standard still :) )

    If you're not riding like a "hoon" you'll probably have nothing to worry about RE: Mr Plod (Just find somewhere quiet to play ;) )