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Noob here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mexiwi, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Hi

    New rider here - well, in the process.

    Rode farm bikes as a kid, little bit on the road as a teen but never got a licence, now at 42 decided to do it for real.

    Jumped on a bike last year in the Philippines (did this as a kid, cant be too hard.......), plonked the gf on the back and drove thru a fence.

    Having licked my emotional wounds I decided to get back on the horse and did a learners course at Armstrongs in Thomastown the other week and really enjoyed it - no fences this time.

    So now looking around for the gear and a bike.

    Both proving to be not as easy as I hoped.

    I am a big unit at 6'4 and 140kg.

    So finding gear is challenging. I need to try a few more ones - Dririder 6xl is tight around my fat guts. Found a Joe rockets 3xl jacket at AMX that fitted around my round bit but the arms were super loose, and didnt feel firm - the armour was moving around heaps.

    I'll try a few more but can see me just biting the bullet and going custom.

    Bike wise I am looking at something like GSX650F - but haven't sat on one yet - GS500 felt too small - as did some of the nekkid bikes. CF moto 650NK seems a bit bigger frame wise, although Chinese may be ok for a year or so.

    Not keen on dirt bikes - it will be a weekend bike for me, I work away so don't need to commute on it.

    But have had a good read so far and there seems to be plenty of advice.

    Already learned a new acronym too :)
  2. Welcome to NR ! Fences eh ? Try to avoid those , not good for the health - destroyed my Fireblade doing that (out riding with only 5hrs sleep in 2 days - lesson learned )
  3. Awesome. Do it (y)

    Got my learners at 40. Excluding family, it's the best thing I ever did.

    Coincidentally I was just looking to book the license test and saw Armstrongs. How were the trainers?

    Good luck in the search for gear. You'll nail it. Someone is sure to point you in the right direction from this site.

    As for what bike. Decisions, decisions... good luck with that :p. I'm 5'10 and 90kg's. I want more torque. In a year and a bit, Ducati Monster here I come.

    Anti-Ducati'ists, shut-up :D I've wanted a Monster since eyeballing pics when I was 19.
  4. I don't have anything to benchmark it to, but the trainer i had was pretty good.

    I did the whole day course which was pretty long but heaps of time on the bikes.

    1 instructor with 6 students. I used a VTR250 and they had another smaller type.

    I enjoyed the day - wasn't confident at all when I got there (due my last riding experience) but ended up quite happy on the bike.
  5. Welcome to the asylum(y)
  6. Welcome mex, I have only been riding for a short time but can give ya my thoughts on the cf moto 650nk. Im 6'3 and 100kgs, really comfortable and doesnt seem small, check out my pic to get an idea. Has plenty enough power and is pretty fun to ride. Time will tell on the reliablity side of things though.
  7. Thanks ranka - bike looks good - that wasn't the one for sale on bikesales from Warrnambool was it?
  8. Yeah mate it was actually, picked it up last sat. Ripper bike, not a mark on it. Were you looking at it?
  9. welcome, gear wise try Biker gear out f/gully or phillip island, get to prac sessions on sat morn down at elwood and I think there was a netrider looking at selling an kwaka 650 not too long ago, might be your cuppa tea.

  10. I had seen it while looking around at what was for sale - looked pretty mint and a good price.
  11. Welcome to NR Mexi!

    I'm also a late starter (learners and licence at 39) and a biggish unit, so I'm hearing you. I went the cruiser route because... well, fat bastards ride cruisers, right? I even tried growing the beard, but the missus wasn't a fan LOL

    Anyway, enjoy and +1 for the Saturday Elwood sessions. Even if you don't want to practice, come down and meet a few regulars, check out some bikes and just say hi.
  12. Took my L's at Armstrongs and my Licence at DECA in Brooklyn. Both run by great trainers, but DECA had newer gear (Ninja's and Motards)...

    Got L's at 40, still looking for the right bike...first bike I got went the cheap route knowing I may drop it...now have more experience and know I want more power, better rubber, better sounds....
  13. welcome to Netrider and to the joys of deciding about your first bike
  14. Just went for my Ls a few months ago at 59, rode quite a bit when I was younger but family and job stopped all that in my late 20s, always rode sports bikes but this time around I was looking for comfort and easy riding, so I saved for several years( Pensioner) and finally decided on a Suzuki Burgman, funds meant I could only afford the 250cc. I couldnt be happier,dont need to go super fast anymore,(even though the 250 will do 145ks) and being automatic the burgman fits almost every criteria I have.Saving now for the 650cc model as I want to be able to take my daughter on a few long trips to QLD.
  15. Thanks everyone - geared up now, got helmet (Shoei XR-1100 fitted nice), boots, gloves, some draggin cargos and a DriRider jacket that is ok for now, but still checking out some options for a leather jacket.

    Going to organise a test ride on a GSX650F and CF Moto 650NK after planting may bum on both at A1 the other day - both feel ok size wise - slightly different seating position but still ok - I tried a Gladius while I was there but my legs were a little too tucked up.

    So now to organise a ride - they asked for 48hrs notice so they can have both there - now to try and predict the Melbourne weather to book a day...........................................
  16. Brought the same helmet too, big fan. Good luck with the bikes mate.
  17. Still in the process - overseas again so bit hard to do anything, also looking for a custom jacket as I am not happy with the fit of the dririder and returned it.

    But was unable to get a order in before I left so it's going to be mid November before I can get out and try some bikes, provided I don't end up away on a contract when I get back -aarrrgghh!
  18. Bikers Gear Australia will do custom fit leather. Otherwise Tiger Angel, but they are exxy, although a REALLY good jacket. I had one made (and pants) when I was 126kg and they fit great, but I've now lost a stack of weight so went with BGA as an interim thing as I'm still losing. BGA are not exxy so good for the transition stage.

    Welcome to NR :)
  19. ^^ 2nd that but only from Ferntree Gully store apparently - see Imran . Very reasonable prices .
  20. Yes, I saw Imran and he was very helpful.

    Went checked out Tiger Angel, got price, fell over. But very nice gear.

    Couldnt get back to see Imran as he was at the gp.