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Noob Gold Coast Girl

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PeskySheepy, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Ahoy hoy all,

    My dad put me onto this site after I picked up my first bike a week ago.... Was even nice enough to let me hijack his account.

    We got bitten by ebay earlier in the year after buying a Honda VT250, the seller claimed it needed replacement camchains but it needed an entire bottom end, $2000 later and it was still a no go so we were a bit more cautious this time around and managed to pick up a 1999 Suzuki 250 Across from Team Moto in Virginia fairly cheaply. Yay!

    Getting it home, I managed to drop it the first time I jumped on which was a touch embarrassing, it was a little heavier than I expected it to be and toppled straight over but besides bruising my ego the bike was fine.

    I plan on hitting some of the new housing estates that have just been built next door, lots of empty road and no houses or people just yet. When I'm a bit more confident on the road I'd love to meet and tag along on some rides with other GC and south side Brissy riders.
  2. Welcome.

    Bad luck about that first bike, however at least you know a bit about pulling apart bikes now? Good luck and stay vertical on those GC roads... drove there once myself many years back... fukn insane 16yo's with mopeds... gawd damn.

    Enjoy the bike.
  3. Now pay attention Browny, and behave yourself :wink:

  4. pffft don't sweat it. I reckon all noobies should push their bikes over before getting on them for the first time anyway, just to get it out of the way.

    May you have many km's of trouble free riding (and a few embarrassing moments) for years to come.
  5. Welcome, now the rule around here is any new noob girls that join need to show a pic of themselves :grin:
  6. Welcome 'Sheepy

    You met some of the boys I see, they iz a cute bunch & very helpful (good resource of bike info) :LOL:

    Have fun on the site, girl :cool:

  7. Welcome sheepy.

    Watch out for construction debris and mud in those housing zones. They may be quiet on weekends, but there's also plenty of "landmines" that could ruin your day.

    Cheers :)
  8. dont worry,... i mssed up straight away too. though for a slightly different reason :)

    enjoy it and get out asap and have some fun :grin:
  9. Man, she's not coming back, Browny scared her off.

  10. Thanks for the welcome, guys!

    I amused myself by toddling around the backyard on the bike today, I haven't quiet got turning whenever I want down to pat but I can make it go straight ahead on command. Nooby excitement.
  11. Haha!

    Two things not to mention around the boys

    > I amused myself
    > excitement

    ...it just encourages them :-w

  12. Welcome Pesky !!
    Sorry to hear about the drop. A quiet estate or car park is a great place to spend familiarising yourself with the bike. Practice as much as you can.. then venture out. It really isn't that scarey.
    Good Luck !

    Ya beat me to it Cheffie :LOL:

    Great tip Rob!
    Reminded me of the time I encountered building screws scattered over a roundabout :shock:
  13. How'd I get the blame for all this? :? :LOL:
  14. I dunno how these things start mate :-w

  15. Like a pack of 14 year olds sometimes.
  16. Sometimes??? What's this sometimes shit? ALL the time champ, don't sell us short. :p