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Noob from vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rush23, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone I'm Lynton, 24, I live in Geelong,vic. I'm a joiner by trade and I am just fresh of my L's. Currently riding a ninja 300 and I am looking forward to learning a lot of you guys and meeting up with some fellow riders in the area for a cruise.

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  2. Hi Lynton, Welcome to the forum. We may be running a overnighter to Port Campbell in late March~ish you may like to join up with.

    The books are still open for the Labour Day weekend ride to Jindabyne if you are interested. Click on the Vic Thread link in my signature. If you are on to your P plates you should be OK.
  3. Hi Lynton

    Welcome. Let the non-fluro games begin!
  4. Ha yer it was good to say goodbye to those fluros, so anoying that one extra item you had to put on. I left my place so many times only to relies when I got home I wasn't wearing them.
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome Rush23Rush23 ,
    We'll have to let you know when we have a ride heading that way.
    I get down to Geelong regularly, but that boring bit of road between us hardly counts.
  7. Hey welcome Lynton! I also live in Geelong and am at about the same stage of riding as you I guess.
    if you ever want somebody to ride with just let me know? I get out as much as I can.
  8. Welcome :D
  9. Yes I have always thought the below might be a solution for the Geelong road. We could get HeliHeli to fly it for us. Got to be able to fit 20 bikes and riders in for the trip. ;)

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  10. thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. Cjvfr the Jindabyne trip sounds amazing but i have a feeling i have made commitments for that weekend but the port campbell run is definatly a go'er for me
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  11. No worries, no set date or plan for that one yet except probably it will be a down to Port Campbell and there has been some interest in returning via Halls Gap. Once we are over the Jindabyne trip I will start some planning.
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  12. Hey Dantom i will take you up on that offer for sure were about in geelong are you, i haven't seen many ninjas getting around.
  13. I live over in the waurn ponds side of Geelong. Ive only ever seen two other ninjas! Where abouts are you? Maybe we could meet up sometimes
  14. Hello Rush23Rush23 and Welcome to NR.

    Hey Chris, I have thought about the best days ride anyone can have, living in Melb would be.

    We get HeliHeli to pick up 4 Bikes in a Crate and Riders from Melbourne.
    Drop us of + Bikes in downtown Tallangatta.
    We ride south through Mitta Mitta, Omeo, Bruthen.
    Then we get HeliHeli to pick us up + Bikes, in downtown Bruthen about 4pm and have us back in Melbourne in time for afternoon Tea.

    So, HeliHeli , scribble up a Quote for us, so we can crunch the Numbers. Who's in?

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  15. oh yeah nice , i live in east Geelong. Yeah absolutely i pretty much live at schnitz waurn ponds maybe we could be up there for a meal tomorrow night or sometime over the weekend.
  16. Yeh sounds good. This is my email dtomkins1991@gmail.com
    send me a message and ill give you my number so we can organise something possibly
    this weekend.
  17. Welcome to NR
  18. Welcome to NR Lynton
  19. Thank you