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Noob from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Blaise, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. A big "hi" to the illustrious people of Netrider, my nick is Blaise (I've used this username for many a year on forums, it's derived from Blaise Pascal - a 17th/18th century mathematician/philosopher).

    About myself: I started on bikes at the tender age of 9 with a kit mini-bike with a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine, moving onto Japanese mini-bikes and mini-cycles as the years ticked by. At 16 I stopped club racing as at the time there was nothing to transition to (senior clubs wanted you to at least 18). My hibernation lasted a 6 years until I bought a YZ250 and got back into motorcross with the St George motorcycle club. At this time I also purchased a IT250 & a XT250 and got my L's (I think for the second time). Never went for my P's for some unknown reason and allowed my L's to lapse. Did the same a number of years later (allowing my L's to lapse - habit forming?) and stopped riding after a rather bad "off" when practising some "quad jumps" at the long closed Hungry Creek motorcross centre (near Cessnock). My at-the-time wife also insisted that I give the whole "riding bikes" away, grow up and become more sensible.

    Recently, my girlfriend and I decided to get our L's (I got 'em this week but my girlfriend still needs to go to the RTA and do the DKT although she passed the pre-learner a month ago - I know, she only has another two months to get her butt down to the RTA) and we intend to buy the bikes mid next month. I'm getting a Suzuki GS500F which will be my primary mode of transport whereas my girlfriend's heart is set on a Suzuki Intruder 250LC. She hasn't got much riding under her belt and I intend to have both of us attend intermediate courses in the near future to hone skills/enforce positive habits and make us safer riders overall.

    Deciding to get back into bikes is like a breath of fresh air and the more I think about it, I was silly to let my ex dictate that I couldn't ride. I feel that I wasted a lot of years stuck in a cage watching the bikes through the glass of my car. Anyway, whilst we wait to purchase the bikes I'm doing a lot of research into riding gear and insurance as well as finding the best deal I can muster up for the rides.

    Hope I don't make a pest of myself and look forward to riding with some of you in the future.

  2. Welcome to NR Blaise :)

    There are practice sessions out at Homebush and various meetups around the place. Come out and meet everyone lol

    Congrats on ditching the ex and being true to yourself ;)
  3. I've been reading about the Homebush sessions - seems a good way to not only gain experience but to meet some of the other members as well. I'll be discussing the invite with the g/friend and hope to get out there once the bikes are firmly between our legs :grin:
  4. welcome. It dont sound like your a noob, in fact you have quite a bit of experience on bikes. maybe not on the road but you've grown up (i think) with bikes.
  5. I actually have quite a bit on-road experience... just a long, long, long time ago hence the noob rank. In fact, I started out on the road with a "baptism of fire" - my first ride (after lapping the block a few times) was a ride into the city via the Harbour Bridge in morning peak hour from Hornsby. Wasn't the most pleasant experience I must admit with all the cars around you rushing to work but I made it intact.

    I did the pre-learners course up at Tuggerah Monday/Tuesday (couldn't get into any Sydney based course within 2 months) with Tuesday's session done in the rain. It suprised me when I thought about it but this was the first time I had ridden a road bike in the rain. Apart from the soaked jeans (I worn a raincoat over my jacket and my Exustar boots are waterproof), it wasn't the worrying experience I expected albeit all the riding was done at low speeds. I found the course very informative but I still need to break the ol' motorcross habit of 2 finger front braking.
  6. AHHAH the goodl old 2 finger braking....the instructors go ape sh*@....

    I say your expericenced....only takes a few rides to get back into things. compare to me, ive only been on the bike bout 8-9 months, no previous bike experiences. you;ve had a minibike when you were about this tall |------| (not to scale)

    I live on a main road..... my first road experience was liek oh SH*@ oh SH%# oh SH@@
  7. The instructor wasn't too harsh, in fact he laughed as he knew I had a motocross background and he was an enduro rider (at the same time reinforcing that I should use all 4 fingers). What I did get into a little trouble about was counter-steering. He pulled me up and said he wasn't teaching that in pre-learner but I said it felt natural at the speeds we were doing. They had me on a Yamaha Scorpion 250 on the first day and a Honda 250 on the second. I don't know whether it was the age of the Honda or whatever but the Yamaha seemed much easier to turn and control.
  8. Welcome Blaise & your alter ego & your lady
    WooHoo! My kind of NRer. Pascal fan, habitual Ls lapser (x2 - me), potential forum pest.

    Re Pascal a bit of chat - Check out https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65684

    Post some picks of your lady & yourself too with the bikes

    cheers TG
  9. haha goz opened a can of worms with that one
  10. No pics I fear... don't want the NR community to get jealous do we?
  11. Classic :)

    Anyway, welcome :)
  12. haha hes joined NR... you forever never be sensible
  13. Yep, welcome indeed. Good to see some more "mature" riders joining. We gotta keep these young whipper-snappers in line here. :shock:
  14. Welcome Blaise, I'm close to dee why so will no doubt see you around :grin:
  15. lesson learnt, you listened to your wife, mistake number 1 on the list, that is why she is now your ex :grin:

    welcome bud, definitely head out to homebush and meet us poor soles on a sunday for a chat and a bit of practice if u need it.