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Noob from South Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bartrowski, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Greetings from another newbie. I'm only getting into motorcycling at 36, but so far really enjoying it. I never rode a bike prior to this. I took the L's course with some friends back in April, and then bought a used Suzuki GSX650f learner version, so I might've thrown myself in at the deep end. Stalling is a joy I haven't experienced in a while! I don't have anything to compare the bike to - it's pretty heavy, and it was frustrating at the beginning, but I'm now getting used to it.

    I've only been on a handful of weekend rides (Royal National Park as it's close by), and also practicing in empty car parks. I'm hoping to make it to some of the Homebush practice sessions to get my skills up.


  2. Howdy, welcome aboard.
  3. Howdy - one is never too young to start! 36 sounds about just right to me!
  4. welcome aboard:]
  5. Welcome. I'm in south sydney too. We should go riding together. [emoji4]
  6. Hello and welcome :)

    I'm in the south too and just passed my learners , got my licence this friday =D
  7. Nice. Anyone riding tonight? It does look a little gloomy tho.
  8. Welcome to NR...

    Don't worry, Never to late to start.
  9. A cheery Netrider welcome to the three of you....
  10. Thank you for the welcomes; and congrats on the L's. I'd certainly be up for some rides soon. I went to the Homebush practice session + ride last week, and am planning on doing those over the next few weekends. I need the practice as my U turns and cone weaves are rubbish at the moment.
  11. Hello.
    Isn't the pre learner test a joy for an older off road rider with bad habits.
  12. Yeah just need to make sure you keep your balance at all times and you should do alright. Key point is to relax. [emoji4] and yes would be up for night rides during weekends(Thursday to Sunday's) and day rides on weekdays (mon-wed) hehe. Also I believe there is a learners session on Saturdays during the day if I'm not mistaken. Browse around the forums.
  13. Welcome to NR