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Noob from Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by IamDAN, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys just posting to say g'day. I only got my L's last weekend and thought it best to get a bike :grin: So ive got myself a clean VTR with low km's and a good price. So if anyone see's me holding up traffic (still a little nervous) please be patient :)

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    Welcome :)

    As a fellow newbie, everyone on here has been a great help :)
  3. Welcome aboard .. :grin:
  4. Cheers thanks for the friendly welcome.. hope to join a couple of rides once i get some more expeirence.

    Cheers, Dan.
  5. Good morning! As a fellow newbie, you'll love the site, become addicted, and yell at the computer when it goes slowly whilst loading a page..

    The peeps on here have been wonderful, really welcoming, so I hope we can do the same again for you :D

    Where abouts you from?


    p.s - no one minds if you hold up traffic. so long as it isn't because of a crash! watch out, crazy season is already here.
  6. Hi,

    I am also a newbie from the Geelong Area, also on L's and have been known to slow the traffic, so hopefully for the Geelong people we learn well fast, see you around the roads or back streets. Lisa
  7. Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. Great choice of bike by the way. Don't worry about holding up the traffic, pretty soon you will be blowing them off. Take it easy and keep the shiny side up! :grin:
  8. Welcome! Just think, you're the kind of person that makes traffic stop! :)

  9. Cheers again guys the site is excellent and so is being out on the roads :cool: Im from Corio :| so ive been heading out towards the brissy ranges which has been pretty cool and quiet. My speed as increased and my confidence just keeps growing (but still cautious). Might have to catch up with a few local NR members over the summer and go for a decent ride. Anyways thanks again for the friendly welcome and ill see ya out there :grin:
  10. Welcome

    Welcome Dan, I'm also an NR noob from geelong though I've been riding for a fair while. I live near the brisbane ranges and can vouch for some of the great riding you can do without out going too far from home. I always try to ride the back roads during the week when there is less traffic (tourists) to contend with. Just be aware that it's not uncommon for skippy's to jump out when you least expect it, particularly in the heavily treed areas.

  11. Yeah tell me about it!! Bloody skippy thought he could keep up with me so i gave it some guts and lost him thankfully :) Ive found it can get a bit windy also, caught me out a couple of times :shock: Oh well all part of the learning process. I managed a successful ride down to the coast last Saturday which was fantastic. Portarlington to Torquey and back through Geelong, I had a ball, just waiting on my brother and a mate to get some wheels, it would be great to just cruise with some-one with the same skill levels
  12. Getting your L's in Geelong must be the thing at the moment! Everywhere I turn there seems to be another yellow plate. Safe riding on the roads and don't worry about slowing the traffic. As I also live in Geelong I may see you around some timeand if you want to go for a ride let me know, speed is not essential :twisted:
  13. Might have to take you up on that Kawa. I think i need some help with cornering techniques, i think i find myself sitting to upright but who knows? :?
    Ive picked the pace up a bit too :grin:
    Yeah ive also noticed more L's around town, could be that i keep my eyes open for bikes (not that i dont while driving, just notice the "bike" more). Just waiting for some better weather and ill be out every night to hone my skills.

    Cheers Dan :cool:
  14. Just let me know when and we will go for a run.
  15. Hi guys,

    I am in for a ride too, good weather or not.

  16. Welcome Dan... and congrats on passing your Ls :applause:

    You'll have a great time on the VTR :)
  17. Just let me know when you want to go. All are welcome.
  18. Paul,

    I work the usual hours, so anytime after that. Maybe we could arrange something for a weekend soon.

    I went for a ride to Angelsea on Saturday, yes in the rain and I am thinking about leaving work early today to go somewhere, anywhere.

    Tomorrow looks good too.

  19. sounds good to me
  20. Paul,

    Check your emails - I sent you a message.