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Noob from Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by leighmurray, May 17, 2016.

  1. Howdy all, I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself.
    I'm Leigh from St Leonards, just got my learners on Sunday and went up to Melbourne last night to put a deposit on my first bike! It's a second hand 2015 Suzuki Boulevard, I'm picking it up on Saturday. Pretty excited but nervous since the only other bike I've ridden is the 125cc Hondas during the training on the weekend and I've got to ride this one back from Melbourne when I pick it up. Pretty keen to get out there and ride as much as possible before doing the check ride so I'll probably see you out on the road. Can't miss the learners in their hi-vis ;)

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  2. congrats on the Ls and the bike.
    Enjoy the ride back
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  3. Welcome mate :cool:
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  4. Welcome to NR forum leighmurrayleighmurray .

    Congrats on taking the steps towards a life long passion and obsession! :p

    If you can get yourself to Saturday morning learner ride/training on the other end of Melb. There's a whole bunch of riders that do this and it's worth while to increase your skills and practice! (y)

    Check out the events page under VIC and go from there !
  5. Congrats Leigh, Boulevards are fairly bullet proof, just keep an eye on the small tank capacity
  6. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out!
  7. Thanks, I'm already planning the fuel stop on the way down :p
  8. Just may need to plan fuel stops on a ride as I don't think it has a fuel gauge, I've got a C50T, luv it to bits, great buy
  9. Beat me to it (y)
  10. Howdy and welcome to the forum.
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  11. Hello and welcome to NR Leigh :happy: Congrats on getting your L's and an eye-catching Hi-Viz that goes with that.
    Don't hold your breath, cagers won't see you even if you are set alight! So take extra care and ride like you are invisible.
    I've had a pleasure of wearing bright yellow for 4 months and 20 days not that long ago, so will always see a fellow learner and give you a nod (y)
    Congrats on a new ride, you've chosen well. One Boulevard I know is a stunner and a chicks magnet (isn't it so Rus LerRus Ler?)
    All the best with picking up your bike and riding it home. Keep your eyes open and don't forget to breathe :woot:!
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  12. Also seems to be a magnet for bugs and dirt, now all I need to do is get the chicks that are attracted to it to remove the bugs and dirt that is also attracted to it ;);)
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  13. I didn't think I'd be able to get a LAMS cruiser under 5k so I'm pretty stoked. The C50T looks really nice.
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  14. Haha that's what really matters, right? Should get me a few extra likes on my Tinder profile :p

    Thanks, will do!
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  15. gday leighmurrayleighmurray welcome to NR and road riding!

    I wanted to say (tongue in cheek) oh no, not another cruiser rider hahaha but I love to see new riders getting onto machines for their style and appearance rather than just trying to get the fastest etc.

    nice choice of ride I'm sure you'll love it! congrats on blitzing your L's.
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  16. Welcome to NR and congrats on the new bike
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