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noob from Adelaide

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fishyben, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Iv been lurking here for a while now so i thuoght i'd come out and say Hi.
    I finally talked my wife into letting get a bike :) so i booked in yesterday to get my L's (Jan 28/29th).
    After much looking i'v decided against my first choice of a CBR250RR and i'm getting a
    nice shiney yellow Hyosung GT250R (expects to be beaten to death with owners manual for saying Hyosung
    I was stunned by the difference in insurance costs for these two bikes, I'm
    33 with rating 1 on my car, the CBR was $893 fully comp and the Hyosung was $309 fully comp. Big difference,
    insurance companies must love all learners when they buy CBR's

  2. welcome mate.. Good luck with the L's and wait until you take the wife on the bike, she will love it.. :D And where ya from ??
  3. South of adelaide in Woodcroft.
  4. thats better mate.. :D and any questions you have ask away on here, you will be sure to get some sort of an answer.. :LOL:
  5. Welcome mate. Im at Seacliff Park, so not too far from you. Hopefully we'll catch up at Glenelg on a Sunday Night some time. Rev Ken.
  6. I want to know how you got Jan 28/29th and i booked in 2 weeks ago and got 2/3rd of march as earliest in SA. Wana swap? :p

    I might try calling them and see if they've put in some extra sessions or had some people pull out so i can get in earlier :?:

    You know you can also get cetain bikes upto 660cc http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/educational/training/ridersafe/index.asp

    Not saying you should just letting you know as most people i know havn't realised this has come in.
  7. welcome to the forum mate and well done on convincing your wife to let you get a bike. haha coz i know alot of people that want to get a bike but their wifes got them by the gonads. see you around in feb mate.
  8. Hi fishyben , welcome .