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Noob considering a scooter... help?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Fox Lee, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hi folks ^^

    As you may notice, I'm totally new here. Mostly because I want to look into getting some kind of transport, and I really have no idea where to start... and this place came highly recommended by my father-in-law (let's see if he notices me :p).

    In short, I can't afford a car, and (since I'm part of a two-person family with no intent to expand) I don't particularly want one for environmental reasons anyway. Considering that I've no love for driving and I'm not out for a thrill - honestly, I'd just be getting a bicycle if I didn't live between two huge hills - a low-powered scooter seemed to be what I'm after. Ideally, I'd like something electric/battery powered - just something for short trips, no longer than 10-20 minutes at a stretch, primarily for handling shopping and appointments in favour of bus trips. Insurance and rego are a concern, too, since we really don't have a lot of money, and I understand that scooters below a certain engine capacity don't require those.

    Though I'd appreciate any advice relating to this idea, mostly I need to know from those who have experience whether or not an electric scooter/moped/whatever would be powerful enough to handle both a decent amount of weight (I'm over 100kg, and the main reason I need a vehicle is to handle shopping) and the hills near my house.

    If so, can anybody advise me on where to buy? I'm not having much luck online, and I need to find somewhere local (Wollongong) if at all possible. If not, can anybody suggest any good alternatives, keeping in mind cost and environmental impact as the most important factors?

    Sorry for being long-winded, and thanks in advance to anybody who can help out ^_^

  2. Fox Lee,

    I dont mean to be rude, but if your over 100kg AND you live in the hills, you simply will not cope with a little scooter with a small engine capacity.

    In my opinion, electric scooters are still a while off yet. Sure there are ones out there, but they have serious shortcomings ie battery life and recharge times etc.

    I dont know if it would be an option to get your motorcycle license??? Perhaps you could consider getting a postie bike. They use VERY little fuel and you could putt around on it quite happily, albeit slowly.
  3. I think if you persist with this idea you will soon find electric is not for you. If you want to be cheap, sadly for the environment petrol is still the way to go and will remain so for a while yet. And if you want to cope with hills and 100kg of weight, you need something larger, and pay the rego. As mentioned above, the postie bike would probably be the best option for you - they cost around 1,000 - 1,200 to buy and I'd say around 100 bucks or so to register. You can skip all but the most basic (third party) insurance, and you can expect fuel use of around 3-3.5l/100 kms. They will do the job you ask, and some people think they are cool :)
  4. No help on the choice of vehicle.
    But remember - even if you're short on cash, make sure you look at spending some of it on protective gear.

    Small capacity bikes may not be fast - but they're plenty fast enough to mess you up in an accident
  5. Not rude at all, that's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

    It seems I'll have to get a motorbike license either way - I've talked to the RTA about it, and they say that I'll have to do the Learners' course regardless of how wimpy the engine is, so I may as well get the full-fledged license if I can - leave myself more options later if I need them.

    I've been looking at something along the lines of a Vesper now (though probably not an actual Vesper, since they seem to be more expensive :p). I admit, I do think I might lack the coordination to ride a motorbike well, so I'd still like to avoid gears and such.

    What exactly is a 'postie bike', out of curiosity?

    @Woodsy: Be nice :p I know what I'm looking for isn't everybody's style. Thanks for the links, regradless ^^

    @cb250goespop: Thanks for the info about costs, it's really helpful to know. We've never bought a vehicle before, so we're entirely in the dark about it ^^;

    @DamoSV650: Thanks for the concern, and don't worry, I've already had lots of people yell at me for thinking I didn't need protective gear ^_^; I was honestly surprised to find that out, actually, with the way they're portrayed in movies and TV. Kinda dangerous, huh?
  6. Postie bike is a Honda CT110, the vehicle of choice of Australia post. In other words, the exact same bike your postman uses to deliver your letters. You can't buy them new in the shop - but Austpost gets rid of them after they've done certain amount of kms (around 25,000, I think? or was it 15,000? - anyway, then they get sold at government auctions and go into general circulation that way. You can get them on ebay, through private sales, or directly from an auction.

    They are 125cc, semi-auto - that is, they have gear lever but no clutch.
  7. this is a postie bike
    I love it gets me around town just fine!
  8. I have an electric scooter and I don't find that there is much problem with the battery etc (if it can carry my big arse :LOL: it can shift anything).. however Broken Hill is smaller.. I got the car because my partner could see me getting creamed by a dickhead in a 4wd.. He got a Honda CBR1000..

    I'd go for a postie bike.. bugger all in petrol, rego etc.. more visible..

    Edited to say that I found this on the Honda website:

    "Note: The CT110AG bike is not a Road Registerable Bike and cannot be ridden on the road. Only to be used on private property."


    However maybe it'd pay to check with the RTA..
  9. Without any intention of being rude I think you should consider a bicycle. It will be a much smaller investment and no rego to worry about.

    I was close to 120kgs before taking up cycling to work, I'm now down to 90kgs - and ready to purchase a motorbike which is why I'm visiting the forum.

    The hills cannot be that bad that you can't climb them. Bikes have very low gears to tackle that sort of thing.

    The only real problem is how much shopping you plan on carrying (at least that part will be down hill :) ).
  10. double post - sorry
  11. Losing weight would be great, but I'm not at a level of fitness where I could possibly tackle the hills I'm looking at dealing with on a bicycle. I don't have the energy or the endurance, gears or not ^^;

    Actually, there's hills both ways; I essentially live in the middle of a great big ditch XP
  12. Foxy,

    The postie bikes are great. Very cheap to buy and run. We have one down at our farm just as a little run about. no matter what we do to it we simply cant kill it. It just goes, and thats the real winner for me. We do absolutely ZERO maintenance and it just fires up every time we need it.

    Its true that you cant buy a new one from Honda because they arent registered but the ones Aust Post use are registered and you can buy them at auction from http://www.manheimfowles.com.au/ these guys auction off heaps of private and government fleet vehicles. Any postie you buy in auction will probably have 30,000km and a ripped seat and unregistered but in very good mechanical condition. It will cost you around $1200 and then you'll have to get it to the RTA pits to get registered. There are heaps aroudn so this obviously isnt a hard process.

    Of course you could always get a scooter. Something of 125-150cc would be ideal. Plus you have the bonus of on board storage under the seat.
  13. correct me if i am wrong, but i think postie are meant for 90kg and below.. look at POST when they look for riders, they stated they want 90 and below because of the bike capability, and you stated you need to do some shopping, so i would say postie is out of question. go for a 250cc scooter or something. easy to ride, no kick start, no gear change.. just throttle and it will fly, i meant move.. :D
  14. Hey Fox Lee,

    I started on a postie, and they're great... they have characteristics of a scooter, but without the whole "metro/homo" stigma attached :LOL:...

    awsome fun, and one of the best bikes to learn on: semi-auto, so u don't need 2 worry about a clutch, handling is "scooter-like" (i.e. very good @ slow speeds and stuff)... I use to do my shopping with it, loaded it up with the milk crate full, and bags hanging off the bars :LOL: ... ahh good times...

    I've actually been meaning to sell it because i've found a new love, but i don't think i can bring myself to sell the lil postie... but if ur serious about it let me know... though if ur thinking about a vesper, i think we should end this friendship here :p ... kidding. think about $$, the posties also will go on forever, just do minimal maintenance (check oil, spark, & chain every once in a while).

    Insurance is not a problem @ all. Compulsary 3rd party is all you really need, and you can't really do THAT much damage to other vehicles, unless you tried. a youngin like me cost me $300. would be much less if ur older + experienced...

    the rocketeer

    (gosh, i feel so dirty being in the scooter section... i need a cold shower...)
  15. My understanding of the 90kg weight limit for posties is the fact that Ozpost stuffs 40-50kgs of mail on them. That's a LOT of shopping!
    I think they're almost ideal for what Fox Lee is intending to do, teh gears will make the hills possible, and with a few bags here and there on the bike, will handle a lot of groceries.

    Regards, Andrew.