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Noob Commuting: Todays Outcome

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    took the plunge today after 3 days bike ownership to commute to the city, google said it was a 1 hour trip (same as train) however, if you cannot filter yet (as i can't) it will take you 2 hours!!!

    after suiting up and heading out the driveway on my virago 250, i learnt the following things once arriving at work.

    1. Give bike more than 5 minutes to warm up at idle. The bike does not like cold throttle, even when it's gentle.
    2. Do not hesitate. Just do it!!
    3. Sydney traffic is stupid ridiculous.
    4. When you stall, don't panic. Remember that you are already in gear and the bike should be good for a quick push of the start button to send you on your merry way again (just remember to hold the clutch in if you don't want to spend time looking for neutral)
    4. It's not illegal to ride in Bus lanes
    5. It is illegal to ride on the shoulder of the M4, even if traffic is at a standstill...but it is a hell of a good feeling...not that i'd know :)
    6. Sydney traffic is stupid ridiculous.
    7. Even at 7.30am the M4 is start stop traffic, take the Great Western Highway (Parramatta Road) and use those bus lanes!!!
    8. Get off Parramatta Road at Burwood and hit the back streets!!
    9. Sydney traffic is stupid ridiculous.
    10. It might seem a good idea to wear two layers of clothes under your lined bike jacket, but you'll realise your mistake once you've been sitting in the direct sun...in traffic...for two hours
    11. You can squeeze your bike into any parking spot...just pray that the scooter owner knows how to get their ride out without damaging yours
    12. Not all scooter riders know how to park, sometimes they are worse than cage parking.
    13. Sydney traffic is stupid ridiculous.

    route was

    home> Eastern creek entrance M4 > great western highway > burwood road > lyons road > burns bay road > penrose st > river road > pacific highway > miller street > work
  2. Hey Mav, where did you park in north syd?
  3. Hmm, even with a bit of choke applied? (Don't forget to turn it off once the engine's warmed up, though)

    Good work for getting in there and doing it, though :)
  4. I'd like to add, for any other noobs reading, when using the bus lane, assume some dumb ass will pull out into it because he's super important and doesn't have to follow the same rules as everyone else, because as you know, Sydney traffic is stupid ridiculous. :D
  5. I take that route, but heading the otherway, traffic is a lot nicer. Not sure how well this will work in your direction but jump off the M4 at concorde rd, take a left and then right onto patterson, this avoids getting on parramatta rd at all. Although theres still alot of traffic the whole way is very easy to filter. Be very careful of cars turning right in front of you though.

    Edit: oh sorry, missed the bit in your post about avoiding the m4 and you practically do this anyway. The other tip is the buslane on parramatta rd starts up again around petersham and is faster than the city west link.
  6. Mav, keep it on quarter choke while riding then turn it down when it gets warmed up fully (I know, I test rode this bike)
  7. Tiggers - i was gonna park in wheeler lane (opposite entrance to mary mackillop church), but no space so went a few more meters down and parked at the corner of edward st + mount st. almost ran over a pedestrian as well in a hurry who was watching me approach then decided to step off and cross the road only when i had reached where she was standing. biatch.

    Smilee - how far into the city does the bus lane run from petersham, and does it eventually become a bus only lane?

    goz - thanks for the pro tip. will do!
  8. :)

    i'd also like to add for any other noobs, don't worry about some bogan pumping eminem out of his fully sik stereo in his mum's 1975 bommodore and then smoking you off at the lights...there will usually be a faster biker around who will cruise past you and then put said bogan in his place.

    (thanks to the Street Triple in parramatta this morning for doing that, made me laugh!)
  9. Hi Mav,

    Depending on what time you get in there's plenty of parking on dennison street (just opp boost juice) . I'm usually there about 8 -8.30 and manage to find a spot
  10. i know the parking spot you are referring to...spend a lot of my lunch break eating oporto's admiring the view!!

    i'd have to do a loop down walker st > blue st > miller st to get back onto pacific highway to head back west again...so same same as parking where i am now?