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NOOB called MackTheKnife

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MackTheKnife, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all. I am a 34 year old who has decided to get a bike.

    I have been an enthusiast cager for years and years and take in the whole Old Pacific Highway on my drive home from the Sydney to the Central Coast at least once a week.

    It's not that my twin-turbo, all wheel drive cage is too dull for me though. My desire to try two wheels is partly to save some bucks on my commute, and secondly to give it a good try. I haven't ridden a motorbike since I was about 15.

    Anyways, g'day!!
  2. Welcome Mack ;) Even though you are an enthusiastic cager which is seen as a sort of "cough" social disease around here. ;)
  3. Hey Mack.
    Long as it takes petrol, makes a lot of noise and is fun, it's all good.
    Personally I love my chainsaws. lol
    Nothing brings the feeling of speed, or .... or... well the feeling of you and machine being one, like a bike can.
  4. Welcome MackTheKnife, you'll soon learn to forget the cage, I promise!
  5. Hey Mac, welcome along.

    Fast cages are also fun. It's just different. The difference between a blaster and a light-sabre, is that anyone can use a blaster.

    Bretto, I know what you mean. I bought a big 40kg Stihl to use as a paperweight. It does a fine job, too. Nothing moves, even when the fan's on. But every time the wife goes out I catch it looking at me, with that look - you know? Like "Start me up, go on. You know that dining table's too damn big!" :demon:
  6. Bitsar has a scooter you can use it on....
    Welcome mack
  7. welcome Mack, good thing about bike riding it improves yoru car driving skills, you learn to look!! :)
  8. Thanks for the welcome all!
  9. True Dat! Whilst 'caging', you'll even find yourself 'nodding' at bike riders as they go past...or is that just me?!?!
  10. Welcome to NR. :)
  11. nup, i do it too lol