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[noob] buying second hand bike privately.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by waymoz, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I've been lurking motorbike forums ever since I wanted a bike, but never signed up cause I don't have a bike. HOWEVER! I am meeting up with someone who's selling me his Honda CBR250RR. Now the question is how does the whole process happen?

    So I've got my money ready I show up, bike's inspected/test rided.
    I'm happy with the bike and am prepared to take it off his hands.
    what next?
    Do we go to the vicroads together and do the transfer papers?
    or do i bring transfer papers with me and he fills it out, then i pay him? and go off to vicroads and sort out the paper work?
    just really confused as to how the process happens..

  2. take transfer papers with you, you need his sig from memory... i think...
    take a friend too, always helps if you want to test ride or something.
  3. u wud need a valid RWC to re-register or transfer ownership of any vehicle in your name.
    So :
    1. check if the bike has valid rwc
    2. check the bike for mechanical faults (take either a mechanic or some1 who knows about bikes really well)
    3. test ride the bike, so u r sure it handles well to your satisfaction
    4. IF and ONLY IF valid rwc is there for the bike, fill up the transfer form, he has to fill up some fields nd sign too. U have 2 of these forms i guess..
    1 stays with the seller and the other u take it to vicroads and submit.

    I wudnt advice purchasing a bike without RWC.

    and yeah, if u r sure u r picking the bike up, just before leaving home, call up any insurance and insure your bike on your name from the time u r purchasing it.

    Also have a reciept of your own which reflects that you paid the full amount for the bike, and the bike was sold to u on so nd so time.
    So that in case, if u get a letter from the authorities that u were doing 140 on a 50 zone in the morning, u can always show proof that u took over as the owner in the evening, so the previous owner was at fault, not u.

    Hope that helps...best of luck with the purchase.
  4. Don't forget to check the VIN through Vicroads too ... in case it is stolen ... you could possibly do this through police?
  5. you can do a VIN / Finance check online - Costs about $25

    Vicroads VIN check
  6. You don't NEED a RWC in order to transfer ownership but you will need to get a RWC to re-register and that may cause complications, particularly if the inspection finds expensive faults that were not apparent on purchase.
  7. ok so he's said he'll have the RWC ready for when i go to get the bike. So when i get there i just take the RWC off him. we fill out the transfer papers together. I hand over the cash and take the keys off him. then i go to vicroads and do the transfer papers. with registration do i do that at the same time? what if he wants to keep the plates coz they're custom?
    we were planning to just wait til the rego expired then i transfer the rego back or is there a cheaper simpler way?

    thanks for all the replies so far guys. :)
  8. just transferin ownership of a bike with a valid rego is cheaper than re registering it new on your name on an expired rego.
    nd i have no clue bout the custom plates scenario :|
  9. Also don't confuse a RWC with a mechanical inspection. A bike can be shagged out and on its last legs, yet still pass a RWC.

    A RWC is basically a check of the lights, indicators, discs, basic stuff can often mean nothing.

    Also, a lot of places just do a very quick RWC and I've personally seen very unroadworthy cars get a certificate because people are chummy with the mechanic.

    Unless you know a lot about bikes and know what to look for in an inspection, get someone else to do it. Professionally is your best option.
  10. Re. the custom plates scenario. I sold a vehicle recently that I wanted to keep the plates from. I went to vic roads and told them I wanted to sell the vehicle but keep the plates. They took the plates off the vehicle on the system (but they were still in my name) , gave me new plates for a small fee (I can't recall exact cost)which were put on the vehicle right for sale, and then I could sell the vehicle and put the plates on the next one when it was registered.

    I hope tha helps.
  11. thanks alot guys great help :)