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Featured Noob buying a cbr250r mc19?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by crembz, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm looking at buying my first bike and eyeballed what is listed as a 1989 cbr250rr. From what I can tell from the images it's actually a cbr250r (MC19). I'm hoping to get it for $2k with around 55000ks on it.

    The owner says it has a little cosmetic damage from the previous owner and he has changed the carbs since owning it as well as brakes and fluids 3 years ago. It is coming with RWC and new tyres.

    Does anyone have any advice of what I should look for when inspecting this bike? Are 55000ks too high? Thanks.

  2. Ideally, try to get someone who knows bikes to come along with you, as you mentioned this is your first bike, unless you have some experience with them , there might be little things that you miss out. 55k isn't too high, there are bikes out there with 100k-200k+ kms on it. That being said, it's not what you could consider a "new" bike, so check when the last time there was servicing done for it, or even when the bike was last riden. Make sure all the signals, indicators work, brakes and lights. Those are the basics I reckon, there's always more things to look out for, such as the chain on the bike (rusted, oiled, new, etc), condition the brake pads (work out, new), even if the brake pads were changed 3 years ago, check their condition, might have worn out or degraded. If the fluids were changed 3 years ago (if that includes oil) you might be a bit wary of that. Most importantly, sit on the bike, and feel for it, if it doesn't feel right... don't take it, trust your gut feeling.
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    Are you wog/leb? If so just buy it, it's the sickest learner bike bro.

    All cosmetic damage always comes from previous owner, it just does. Changed fluids 3 years ago ay? That's pretty tip top. Meh, as long as there is some sort of fluid in there sloshing around it should survive, they are fairly resilient engines and it's not as though the loads are huge on an i4 250.

    Ask for it to be cold when you see it. See how much oil is in exhaust can, see if it smokes when starts. Open the dipstick and take a sniff, just to see what condition the oil is in. It may stink if it hasn't been changed in three years, it may smell like petrol. But at 2 grand it's not like you are going to do a full tear down/inspect/bottom end rebuild if required, no, you'll throw it into a tree and get the insurance money and if it seized it happened in the crash.

    There's a better than equal chance that 55k is telling a fib and it may be as much as 155k, but that wouldn't bother me either. Maybe I don't have much mechanical sympathy... Oh yeh, the suspension will be shagged.

    It IS a honda, so make sure you keep an eye on all the dials and see if they do anything funny. Honda electrics are well known for losing their smoke or otherwise having all sorts of funny shorts and earths.

    Run up and down the gears a few times, make sure it goes in fairly easy. If it really clunks going from second to first, it's probably running low on oil. Check if it slips out of gear anywhere, but it's not like that is unusual on bikes. ho hum.

    oh, also tell him to take the fairings off before you get there. Can't see shit with all the plastic on.
  4. Check the forks, put your hand everywhere, you will be amazed at how many leaks you can find and some are not easy to fix. I spent the first 6 months fixing my zxr250 two years ago when I got it and the ad sounded pretty much the same.
  5. Mate just walk away. If he doesn't even know what bike his got you've got to wonder what else he doesn't know or is misrepresenting.

    Unless you want to get your hands dirty you could be up for a lot of money if you hazard upon a bad one.

    Also $2k is probably on the higher side for an unregistered, highish km, and older bike.

    If you do decide to go for it take someone along with you who knows bikes.

    This is coming from someone who has bought three unregistered bikes in around a year. You need to approach with your eyes open. All tend to have small problems that need rectifying.
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  6. Where are you located? As i am currently selling my cbr250rr mc22, would be a far better buy than this thing ;)
  7. Thanks heaps for the advicre everyone.

    Hey mate, I'm in SE Melbourne, out near Emerald. I am in the CBD daily for work though. I'll PM you.

    CBF'd, the bike is registered and will come with RWC, he's getting new tires fitted for the RWC. I'll have a look at it tomorrow, I don't know anyone who rides though so I may need to find a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection for me.
  8. Sorry SIKKO I can't seem to find how to send a PM on this forum ... maybe it's disabled for new users. Can you PM me?
  9. I had a similar situation with my first bike, a 1993 yamaha virago 535. Unless you are knowledgeable and experienced in restoring old-beat-up motorcycles yourself, you'll end up paying more than you paid for it to have a mechanic fix most of the parts multiple times.

    Do you want to spend $2000 now and an extra $3000 in repairs over 1-2 years for a motorcycle that will be totally unreliable and running half the time?

    My advice is never buy something old, crashed or rusted for a first bike. My new bike was 8 years old with 18,500km and works just fine.
  10. If you want a restoration project, go for it.
    But CBR, ZXR, FZR are notorious for being learner bikes that the "GOTTA GO FAST" crowd buy and thrash the shit out of.
    They are quite often poorly maintained and just not cared for in general, be prepared to have to fix a hundred little things throughout your ownership.
    That's not to say there's no good ones out there, but you're best off getting something cheap and modern, then get something nice and fast when you have your full license and more experience.
  11. Yeah I understand, I just like the idea of getting something I can put on a club permit and something that is not that common.

    I'm checking one out tomorrow but I'm leaning more towards a zzr250 which I saw today. To be honest I'm keen to look at a vt250 spada, again less common and club permit. See how I go.
  12. Good morning all !
    I have 2 mc19's for sale in western syd at moment.
    Both have been fully serviced. Ready for rego,
    Both just need to blue slip.
    Have 1 in black, fresh paint, new rear tyre.
    Other is original hurricane red ,white and blue.
    Have both been readied for rego. With a list of new parts on both. If anyone's interested pm for more details..
  13. Thanks everyone. I sat on an mc19 today, and to be honest I quite liked it. I have however decided to steer clear of this bike until I know enough to service the thing myself.

    Instead I've bought a vt250 spada off a friend of mine who I know is meticulous about his cars/bikes. He's had the bike 6 years had carbs cleaned and tuned recently, new tires and brakes and he's getting it serviced for me as part of the deal. Two small problems he pointed out, fuel petcock needs replacing, need to leave it on reserve ... make sure to fill up every 200kms, and the cam chain tensioner noise these model seem to suffer from. Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow.