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Noob buying a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Discotheque, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Hey all!

    So my friend is selling his bike. it's a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250r. So obviously I'm on my L's and going for my P's very soon so as to avoid having to be on my L's for 3 years.

    Just wondering everyone's thoughts on this? he's selling it to me for $3000, no RWC and only a month's rego left on it. I've given it a ride and with my lack of riding knowledge I would say nothing is wrong except when taking off in first, the friction point in the clutch is about 90% near the end. I've done the youtube trip seeing what others do with their Kwaka's and I'm just not sure. I'm sure it's a great deal but my gut tells me other;




  2. It's undoubtedly a great deal and presumably you know a bit of the history as it's your friend's bike. Looks like it's been down the road on the left side so some cosmetic damage there.

    The clutch issue most likely isn't one and you just need to adjust the slack at the lever. Plus, it's actually common to get a fully-engaged clutch when the lever is almost fully released.

    It's a very nice bike and if it's the style and fit you want, go for it.

    Now get over to the Welcome Lounge and introduce yourself! ;-)
  3. Clutch levers have an adjuster to take up wear, so check to see where that is. The position of the clutch friction point could just mean you need to play with the adjustment.

    Or it could mean the clutch is near the end of it's life and if so you would be up for new clutch plates. Not a huge job and not that difficult for someone with tools and a bit of meachanical aptitude but definitely not a job for a beginner with no aptitude.
    Unlike cars, it is reasonably easy to assess whether or not a bike id road worthy. Pretty sure there is advic on buying a bike somewhere here in Netrider. Try a search as I am not buying so cbf looking.

    I have also gone looking for vehicles in the past and when you find a good one and it is the first you have looked at you do tend to feel suspicious that life can't really be that easy. So try to work out what makes you feel uneasy. If your gut tells you something is wrong try to work out why. You may be picking up on a real issue. Or it may just be buyer jitters.

    Finally if you are buying from a friend analyse how you will feel if it the bike does have a problem. He may be genuine and could be selling in good faith but the bike could still blow up. How would that affect the friendship? and is that an issue.

    Good luck. And looking on the positive side - you could be loooking at a green one.
  4. If those klms are genuine then that's a good price. I'd buy it for sure
  5. That's what I was going to say....
    Smells fishy...not the km, the OP.

    2 years old and done 319km???

    I'd buy it even if I didn't want to keep it and flip it for a quick dime.
  6. If it smells fishy, good chance it is.
  7. Thanks for all the advice.

    He's got the original papers and all. So he's had it since new.
  8. Well stop typing and go and buy that thing
  9. If it looks like a fish and smells like a fish - it's a fish.

    2012 model with 319 Kim's on the clock even if he bought it off the floor 11 months ago ( given it only has 1 months rego left ) something just seems a bit odd. Did he put it down the road and scare himself out of riding?

    All that said if he has a good explanation looks like a good buy if it suits what you need.

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. well if hes your mate, tell him not to fcuk you around and tell the truth about it, thats what mates do
  11. My thought is for you not to buy it but to PM me his number! :p
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  12. These low k stories are out there, i sold my 2005 wr250 to my brother in 2007 with approx 2,100k's on the clock, 7 years later now and he has only put 400 ks on it. has lived as a shed ornament most of its life.
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