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Noob! Bike Qs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ushario, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, I've been loitering around reading posts for a while, and finally have something to post about.

    I got my licence for a bike! yay...

    My parents have taken this a lot better than I thought, with my mum even asking if I was going to keep the car :LOL: My old man's a bit grumpy about it, but at least we didn't go the knuckle :roll:

    Now as I've been reading threads, I know the usual answer to a "is this bike good" question is "go and ride the damn thing nooby". So please put up with me.

    I want a bike that can hold 100Ks on an uphill like the Clide, is a 250 capable of this? (I wiegh in at 75kgs) As I have talked to a couple of mates, one of whom owns a 250 (2nd hander), and he reckons it overheated going up the Clide!

    Now my old mans a mechanic among other things :roll: and he said that a 250 shouldn't have trouble really....so whats the real deal?

    I'll ask more Qs later, when Ive been out for some test rides, thanks for reading! :biker:
  2. Hi welcome to NR...

    A ZZR250 is a good option..

    If you want something more sportier, a CBR250 or ZX2R..
    Be wary of these 2 particular bikes as they will more than likely be grey imports. Really have to know what your looking at. Some guys on here know a fair bit about them and i am sure will help you out..

    But as i said, ZZR250 or a GPX250..

    If you want new then Kawasaki have just released the 250 ninja...

    Also there are the Hyosung GT250R..
  3. You nailed the bikes Ive been looking at spot on!

    Id love the ZZR250, and im staying away from gray imports.
    I was hoping originally for a GT650R - hyosung, but its looking a little out of my starting price range. Of course, ive only ridden CB250s and a 200CC DR road legal trail bike (dunno what brand)

    Its all up to the test ride and what the wallet agrees with, and I'm thinking new is the way to go, as I've some experience with cars but none with bikes.

    It also looks like getting someone to come out and show me what to look for on a 2nd hander is unlikely. :mad:
  4. yeah stay away from those grey imports. just like the internet forums say.

    everyone i've met in real life tho, LOVES them. I've owned a couple, all of my riding mates have, everyone comments on how great they look and sound. none of us have ever had major drama's.... but i guess it depends if you ride your bike on the forum or in real life....

    ask a few OWNERS, they aren't bad at all and definately have a ride before you rule them out. try and ride one directly after riding a 2cyl 250, then see if u can spot the difference.
  5. Yeah don't worry about the grey imports, if you get it inspected properly you can avoid getting a lemon - and they are great fun if a sporty fast ride is what you want. If you're in it for comfort and commuting as well, I'd go gpx/vtr/zzr/across/etc.
  6. whats your budget?
  7. Budget is about 10K on road atm, although I may be able to save a bit in the next month or so (not rushing into my first bike, im gonna think it through)

    I went and talked to a dealer here in Canberra today, looks like I can get a GPX with a load of insurance I hope I'll never need, or I can save a bit more and grab a ZZR - insurance is the real killer here though.

    Anyone know what I should pay for a ZZR, GPX or GT250R with onroads?

    Look, I can understand that some people love the sporty CBRs etc. That doesn't mean its what I'm looking for. As another poster said, I'm looking mostly for a commuter bike, and I'll be doing a decent bit of sitting at 80/100ks. Edit: for clarity- my concern was comfort. As most of my trips are 15-30 mins at MOSTLY 100K/h. I don't plan on being a hoon....of course, plans are fine until put into action :LOL:
  8. Mate you can buy 2 ZZR's for 10k.

    As its a first bike get a good used ZZR/GPX250 $4,500 tops put the rest on insurance, good gear, extra riding tuition.

    If there is any left over put it away for your next bike.

    I'm a fair lump of man and Mrs 2wheelsagain's ZZR hauls me around no probs and it will do it for longer than a CBR will to!
  9. Mate, if you like the gpx and want to save some cash..

    4000 = 2000-2002ish, low kms, good condition
    5000 = 2004-2007, low kms, even better condition
  10. Leave some money for your insurance and gear though. With a budget like that I'd be inclined to allocate $1500-$2k for gear. Still, you've got plenty left for a good bike... even if you do buy new (which I probably wouldn't, given it's your first).

    As for the GPX250 - had one of those, and my girlfriend has one now too. Both very reliable bikes, that need nothing more than very basic servicing to keep them going. Capable of 160-170km/h too, so no trouble going up a hill.
  11. Thanks for the input, and yes, I am thinking 2nd hand is the way to go.

    I was including good gear (est. $1200 to make the parents feel better :p )
    and comprehensive insurance in that.
    Oh and by the way, Ive looked at online insurance stuff for bikes, and it seems that the cost is the same no matter how old/new the bike is :shock:

    I'll be test riding some bikes on sat with any luck, please no one say break a leg :LOL:

    GPX is looking the go, cheap for the bike, cheap-er insurance, and apparently has the same go as the ZZR if not the looks :?: Test ride will decide though!
  12. go the across i believe they are the most powerful out of the usuals you a fairly light fella so there is plenty of power to start with......