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noob bike lingo question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zears, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. what exactly is squiding or a squid in relation to people on a bike?

    im assuming something to do with lack of proper riding gear but might be waaay of the mark.

  2. This is taken from http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Main_Page:

    What is a "squid"?

    A "squid" is a youthful rider who gets ahold of a high powered sportbike and does a lot of stunts and extreme riding - not fully realizing that without training and experience, disaster is near. Wikipedia entry.

    There are many versions of what the letters stand for, but they all fall more or less along the lines of:

    Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, and Imminently Dead.
  3. That's usually the American use of the word, yeah.

    In Australia (and particularly on NR) we tend to use the word 'squid' to refer to riders not wearing armour.

    Mind you, not wearing armour and riding like an idiot are far from mutually exclusive.
  4. Hard shell on top, soft unprotected squishy bits below.
  5. I wanted to know what a Squid was too but this section said no Q's so i didnt know where to place my stupid questions....

    You see a heap of bikers getting around Bendigo with shorts and T-shirts on, pretty amazing considering there's a massive billboard between kanga flat and Bendigo with a motorbike victim on it showing his loss of skin due to not wearing the correct clothing...

    Perhaps NR should have a section titled " NEWBIES ASK YOUR QUESTIONS" that way we wouldnt all be asking the same stuff thats probably been covered a million times...
  6. thanks guys, yeah this prolly isnt the right area but im a noob and not afraid to look like a idiot from asking the dumb questions :)

    and i thought i wouldnt be the only one going WTF is a squid :p

    Plus pretty much everyone here seems nice and i didnt think they would tell me off for asking a question in the beginner area if it was not really in the right area 8-[
  7. on the down side i dont seem to be able to stop putting different smiley faces at the end off all my posts... god im a :jerk:
  8. The father of my Son's Ex GF is an ambo. He told me they use it describe the look of some fatalities where the upper torso has been separated. When lifted the squishy bits dangle downward resembling a squid.
    Sorry .. I know .. GROSS!
  9. :LOL: its par for the course.. we gotta know how these smilies look in a thread after all dont we ;) I dont really know when ill get to use this one so ill randomly post it now and get it over n done with :busting:
  10. ;:-k hmm wtg VCM i cant wait to ride my new bike now lol
  11. Don't worry I'm sure any squishy bits you have are pretty :oops:... I mean they'll stay upright ..:oops: I really mean ...ah er .. DAMN I'm digging myself a deeper hole here :shock:
    AWW! :-#
  12. lol yeah built in air bags, guess that depends on what part of me hits the tarmac first
    Im so not breaking out past 60 kms an hour now lol
  13. gives me new meaning to multiple tank slappers...
  14. Oh man just got a mean mental image of gravel rashed up breasts! Not a nice thought! :eek:hno:

    Just plate the girls up then use em! :rofl:
  15. LOL i guess i could do some sort of " super hero" outfit with re enforced breast plates =D>
  16. Something like this?

  17. Perhaps minus the sword and Gladiator skirt ...and shitty blunt cut fringe LOL
  18. What a lovely image :demon:
  19. geeth, how long have you been waiting to post that? \\:D/
  20. Who needs a sword when you already have a big weapon between your legs! :rofl: