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noob and already in trouble

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fikki, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. hi all, just a quick intro, i'm from melbourne, recently got my Ls, and keen to learn!!

    i've been riding for a couple of weeks now, and i'm already in trouble ](*,)
    not with the law, but my girly muscles have failed me and i have dropped my brother's bike twice (as i'm borrowing it whilst learning) bimboooo.

    the bike is a 2008 Hyosung GT250R.

    the first time: left mirror snapped off completely
    the second time: the right footpeg assembly snapped off, and fluid which smelt like petrol started leaking out.

    when i got a guy to kindly help me lift the bike, the fluid seemed to stop leaking.

    What could this fluid be from? what should i do??? my bro's going to kill me!!!
  2. Thats what insurance is for.
    Those Hyos are big for a 250. You might be better off using a smaller, NAKED bike.
  3. and rightly so.

    get a motorcycle transport company to come pick it up and take it to a workshop... riding it in current lovely Melbourne conditions with fluid leaking toward the rear tire, not such a good idea.

    theres probably a list of providers on this site somewhere.

    but you could try MTL > 9419-8400
    mob: 0419-521-939 or 0416-084-169

    plan B. it's a hyo, dig a nice deep hole and tell your bro it was stolen.
  4. hyo's seem to have a habit of falling apart from seemingly small stationary drops lately.....
    if it smells like fuel, good chance it is. could easily have spilled out the tank vent, so there's not always something to worry about with a leak like that
  5. Cheesus christ....the petrol smell was the petrol leaking out the overflow pipe, because the bike was laying on it's side!!...just stand the bloody thing up....it'll be flooded, so wait for a little while before trying to restart if it does'nt straight away.

    Go and buy the parts that have broken off and put them on...simple.
  6. Hi there. Don't feel too bad I Dropped my GT650R the other day and I'm 6'6" and fairly strong. Mine did the same with the fluid but is fine. If you are looking for parts on the cheap (and can wait 7-10 days) then these guys are cheap and seem to have an OK rep.


    You can basically rebuild the bike with the parts there if you need. But really who gives a rats about the bike (only a hyo) as long as you are ok it's all good :D
  7. If the right footpeg is broken off then the fluid could be from a crack in the rear brake master cylinder, too??
  8. Where are you located and have you told your brother yet?
  9. Hi and welcome to NR

    Hopefully damage will be minor. Mirror and peg shouldn't be too much problem and if the fluid smelt like petrol hopefully it is petrol. If so there shouldn't be an issue.

    Good luck with your brother.
  10. welcome fikki, got any pics of the damage, preferably with you in the pic also? :)
  11. preferably with you modelling the bike in a bikini?

    yes probably overflow pipe and petrol.
    but, factor in 'Hyothung', therefore likely a combination of petrol, brake fluid and crankcase oil pissing out of the thing.. and the sub frames probably twisted to shit.
  12. Goz, mate did I hear 'camel toe' with that pic request? :) Seriously, I'd get those parts ordered quick smart and fitted. It seems if it does take 7-10days to get these parts, your brother will find out...any favours you owe him? I'd be putting these into action..coz he's gonna be pissed! Good luck
  13. While you're getting the comet fixed you might want to go sit on a few 125s at dealers and see if you feel more comfortable with the size of them.

    You're going to buy a bike of your own soon enough, especially if you busted your bro's pride and joy ;)
  14. not neccessarily look toward 125's, but aren't hyo's the (physically) biggest 250's around?
  15. I don't know what an overflow pipe is....but does waiting a while before a significant drop with leakage effectively minimise danger upon start up? Or are there other things to consider as well?
  16. Unless you lose a significant amount of oil, or most of the radiator worth of coolant.. there shouldn't be too much risk with starting it up.

    I wouldn't be trying to ride without both footpegs attached though.

    And as well as the Hyo's being some of the biggest 250's around, they also have a very high centre of gravity.
    Dad's got a 230+kg (dry weight) Virago 750 cruiser, and its really easy to hold up compared to my 150kg sports bike..
    A lot of naked 250's or the smaller cruisers have a benefit of both being lightweight and all the weight is down low, so there should be no problems keeping them upright when stationary.

    As suggested before, just go sit on a few different bikes at a dealer to get a feel for how big and heavy they are. You'd be surprised at the differences.

  17. overflow pipe is simple to explain, it's a pipe on the top of the tank which spills out fuel when you fill too much (or in this case tip the bike over). the main use is to vent the tank (allowing air to enter as fuel is removed).

    no need to wait long periods after a leak like this, if you get a rag and dry it you can start straight away, or alternately (if you don't have something to wipe it with) you can just let it dry using ambient temperature and wind (or blow it yourself). comes down to how much fuel is on the bike. as an example, if you get a thimble full of caltex's finest and drip it down the side of your shiny tank, blowing on it would shorten evaporation time to 10-20 seconds, and there are no sinister residues left behind threatening to blow you past next christmas.

    the thing to remember with fuel is it's the vapour which goes boom, not the liquid, hence a bike which has been in storage long term will likely run like shyte. even as short as a week can affect fuel quality, as can fuel from a low-volume servo
  18. Hi fikki & welcome to Netrider! :D

    If your brother's that worried about his bike then I'd be very surprised at his decision to lend it to a total beginner ... while there are those who get through unscathed, there's many many people who drop their bikes especially when starting out. Not a pleasant experience, but it happens. Sounds like it's all easily repairable.

    When you're ready, would be worth your while joining in Saturday morning practice sessions - check out the Vic events thread.

  19. Hello and welcome :)

    Yup listen to Raven. And don't worry about the engine exploding like it's packed with c4 if there's a bit of fuel on it, spilling fuel like that was a pretty regular occurrence when I rode dirt bikes and last time I checked none of them had 'sploded.
  20. All good tips...cheers.