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Non Veridas ISP?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Given that Veridas has disappeared up their own backsides and effected a heap of other ISP and customers can someone suggest a non Veridas ISP (ADSL) for under $50 per month. I was on a 512 plan with 25Gb for $44.

    What are other Netriders on?
  2. Internode
  3. iinet do the best deals, they've bought a heap of others out. We're on $50 a month or something for 10gb limit 1.5gig connection that will transfer to ADSL2 when the exchange is upgraded for "HELLO BOYS!" speed.
  4. Ptewy to those two ;) :p

    I used to be with TPG, but they hiked thier prices, as with everyone else on ADSL 1 ... but now with Chariot, didn't sound the most repiuteable, but no worries yet and cheap plans.

    iinet is only best if you bundle the phone products with them, else you pay through the nose.

    And had a friend who had a bad experience on Internode.

    Try looking for plans on http://www.whirlpool.net.au
  5. You can't go too wrong with a decent quality ISP with a good name, such as Westnet, Internode, iiNet etc. You might end up paying a bit more (or getting a bit less for the same money), but at least you know they're going to be here for the long haul.

    I was with Westnet for almost 2 years, they are the best ISP I've ever used. The only reason I moved was to get ADSL2+ from a local ISP (Adam).
  6. You won't match the price and download limits of a veridas VISP without compromising network performance and/or support and/or the ISP itself.

    If you don't mind compromising performance then someone like Wild IT (who moved away from Veridas some time ago) might suit or perhaps DODO (whose support is almost non existent).

    Personally I prefer my internet connection reliable, stable and with good support so I'd rather pay a few dollars to someone like Internode.
  7. Internode rawk!!!! 2 1/2 years and I can count the outages on one hand.

    Mr Hackett is doing a brilliant job.

    Support is real and runs till Midnight Adelaide time.
  8. Were on Eftel, they are out of perth, so like internode support runs late and the people are actually worth talking to (obviously vic and I spoke to different people when calling internode support).

    And the best bit is no plans. Just a monthly bill until you don't want it anymore !!
  9. iinet sux.

    My boyfriend had nothing but trouble with them. Firstly, it was the "modem" (for all those non-technical.). It was a friggin' D-Link POS. Up and down like a yo-yo. Then it was the billing. Doubling up, or just not sending the bills. Then they didn't cancel the account when he told them to...

    I wouldn't recommend them at all.
  10. This I don't get ?? IInet don't make modems. I think it is a bit harsh to blame them for faulty hardware that you choose to purchase (even if it is part of a package) and you choose to use.

    (**Note** : "You" is a term being used as a general reference towards poeple of no particular race, colour or creed and Im fully aware that it was sonja's "boyfriend" who used the modem, not her. Even though the use of the term "you" in my reply may be mis-interpreted as me thinking that it was in fact sonja that used the modem when it wasn't, my point still stands and is valid. ISP's can't be held responsible for customers using dodgy hardware, even if they offer to supply it.)
  11. Nice disclaimer. :LOL:

    No, they don't make them, but they do supply them. D-Link has a reputation in the IT world for their ability to make even the most stable of net connections drop out a lot. My dad has the very same problem.

    That said, just the billing issues alone are enough to turn me off them for good.

    I have Bigpond, and have had only one outage with them. All the other issues I've had with it have been from my PC stuffing something up, which I've been able to fix for myself. And the modem they supplied is really good (even though the Bigpond helpdesk people hate them).
  12. :shock: Bigpond?

    Anyhoo, I'm with iiNet, but I don't believe that any reputable ISP really offers a great deal anymore. I'm paying $59.95 a month, for 512k with 24Gb. (It's a grandfathered plan, not available anymore). I don't want to bundle my phones over (hell, if I didn't need a landline for ADSL I wouldn't have a landline).

    At the moment, I think that the only other ISP I'd go with is Netspace, for their 512 Extreme plan (although that may change if Netspace continually has issues like they've had over the last few weeks). Have a looksee over at http://bc.whirlpool.net.au and http://forums.whirlpool.net.au .
  13. Didn't you know?
    D-Link = Dodgy Link :LOL:

    :shock: #2 ..... OMG dont get me started.....
  14. +1

    ohthe horror stories i have heard and had to deal with :evil: :evil:

    Optus here... but seriously looking at moving soon...... but 4 months a year for free can't be sniffed at