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non-standard sprocket size

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. three up on the back

  2. one down on the front

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  1. Just wondering how many of you have changed your sprocket size, and whether it's made any difference to the performance/acceleration of your bike??
    I'm looking at getting more acceleration out of the bike & don't mind losing a bit of top end to do so.

    If you changed it, can you tell me what you changed it to & how it affects your bike!
  2. 1 down on the front
    1 up at the rear

    If it wasn't a wheely machine before, it sure as shit is one now.

    The accelleration off the line is phenominal. Top end speed, bah, who cares.

    Whilst it's made the bike rev that little bit more in every gear, it certainly has made it much better to ride.
  3. Same as vic, but mine won't wheelie. :oops:

    I enjoy the extra acceleration, I like working the gearbox around town (makes me feel like I'm working the bike a bit more) and I've got used to the downsides, which are slightly higher fuel consumption, a 20% out speedo and, possibly worse, a 20% out odometer so my bike looks like an older fart than it is.
  4. 1 down on the front.

    Much better take off, but puts the speedo out because it's driven off the final drive (is the hornet's speedo pickup front wheel or final drive mounted?).

    1 down on the front was approximately the same as 3 up on the rear (runs a 2.86 ratio), but you can keep the same sized chain if you just get a smaller front sprocket. Easier when ordering replacements.

    Who needs a bike that does 100 in 1st? Downgear it I say!
  5. I was in the same boat as you, edgelett, some 6 months ago.
    After much research on the Hornets Nest, the majority of them go to a 45 tooth rear (up from 42) and keep the front standard.
    They often made comments about the chain having to turn around a much tighter arc with a smaller front sprocket.
    My chain just fitted, too!
    Oh and it goes like stink! :LOL: :cool:
  6. the big question is....
    will it make it wheelie??
    cause that would shit my boyfriend!!! :LOL:
  7. wheres the -1front and +2rear
    anyway the new gearing scares me a little stilll
  8. went -1 front, +2 back. (down gearing)
    Better acceration, loose top end speed. Runs closer to optimum rev range (4500-7000rpm).

    Wheelies ............ I don't think so :shock:
  9. Be aware that going smaller on the front will decrease chain life. Also it's a more dramatic rev change then going up on the rear.
  10. What? No option for 2 down on the front. :twisted: That was on the 250 though.
    On the 1000, currently sitting at stock gearing. Thinking i'll add 2 to the rear when i do chain & sprockets.
  11. A skilled index finger on the clutch will make the 600 wheelie quite nicely.
  12. ive gone 3 bigger on the rear and i think the front is stock size because i oredered one tooth down on the front and it wasn't here in time for my next drag meet the end result was using no other changes i got an extra 10mph within the 1/8th mile drag distance and that was still hitting a neutral during race as for will it wheelie the bloody thing wouldn't stay down i didn't win one race cause i was shitting myself too much (not much on wheelies on a road bike) trying to keep it down.
    but still win or lose i always have a blast :)
  13. on the zrx1200

    6 up on the back and the thing will power lift in 3rd, i aint interested in 250kph top speed (its a bloody naked bike when am i ever gonna do 250kph)

    acceleration is much more energetic, sits in the right bloody rev range now too (4250 at 100kph)

    dropped peak hp and torque to 8100 and 8300 respectively from 9400 and 9600 (so it picks up quicker)

    much more user friendly than stock (and a hell of a lot more fun) oh and the top speed is aprox 200kph now (more than fast enough)

    it also improved my pb at the drags by 0.04 WOOT
  14. i just wanna know how much top end are you guys losing? 5-10km/h?
    i am asking because i am going to get new sprocket and chain soon.

  15. I'd actually like to go *down* a bit on the back for my Spada, and probably will if I have to replace a sprocket. It's got plenty in the lower gears and it's no trouble to run it up through them, but I always go looking for another gear when I hit top...
  16. I decided to change my rear sprocket back to the 42, to see how different it was.
    It lasted 150km before I had the bike in bits again ripping it off. :LOL:
    It lost soooo much performance and was generally a boring bike to ride!
    It still lifted the front in first, just off power (tell boyfriend to ditch the dress! :LOL: :wink: )..... :?
    Now got the 45 back on the rear and to weigh up the pro's and con's of higher gearing, the pro's FAR outweigh the con's.
    Just do it, Tash. I'll eat my hat if you don't absolutely love it.
    Oh, it looks trick with a big sprocket on the back, too! :twisted:
    Renthal I think do a gold alloy one (still should get 10-15k Km out of alloy) which looks very horn!

    You are a nutter going 6 up on the back! :shock: :eek: :shock: :cool:
    Daz. :wink:
  17. nah mate, the zrx is geared far too long at the top end where the power is unusable in everyday riding, just dropped it down the rev range a bit and brought all that lovely torque into a more useable area
  18. Across 250 can wheelie

    Hey guys, this is my first post here :-O.

    I went one down on my front sprocket, and although i had doubts that dropping a few teeth off the front sprocket would make my bike faster i was proven wrong, i can easily wheelie now (it was an accident i found out how, and i rarely do it on purpose). I know there are those of you who think 250s shouldnt be wheelied and i agree with some of you, the suspension isnt made to take that kind of stress, in fact it was those comments that make me think twice about doing it often..take off at the line is a lot better, but the takeoff isnt that much faster than before, in first it goes a lot faster, but i lose more speed when i change now than i did before the mod...still its worth it at just over $200 for both sprockets and an o-ring chain imho.

    If theres any regular meets on in adelaide perhaps someone could pm me about them and i will come along, and drag my mates too...theres 4 of us, all on L's. 2 of us are ready to go on to P's 2 are just getting their L's.

  19. DOWN on the BACK... will only wheelie on command now.

  20. intereting you went down on the back mate - most people go up on the back by 3.

    I've decided that for the meantime I'll leave it - it's wheeling easy now after the tune anyway, and I probably want to get used to how it handles NORMALLY before I go giving it extra acceleration.

    so for now I'll finish all the cosmetic stuff, and after i;ve actually been able to ride it for a few months, THEN I'll shove a 45 on the rear!