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Non slip spray

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Just came across some non slip clear sprays. Just wondering if anyone's familiar with it?

    Perhaps spay it on the parts of the tank and seat for more grip?
  2. nah havent used it. if i was worried about not being able to get grip on the tank i would go get some stompgrip though.
  3. Sounds interesting, got a link?
  4. Positioning goes a long way to stopping slip.
    On my track and dirty I have thick clear 3M sheets on the sides of my tanks. Mainly to stop the scratching. But I give them a rub with a dab of petrol before I ride and they grip for a bit.
  5. This is one I just looked up, there's more on google


    Also bought some non slip tape, going to stick them on the seat and see how they go. Not too sure about sticking them on the tank though, it says strong permanent adhesive although the spray could also be permanent.
  6. I wouldn't put it on the seat, tank maybe, but you'll need to be able to move your arse around easily in the twisties...

    I tried putting grip tape on my footpegs, good industrial stuff, made it from Yarraville to the Point Cook servo & one side had fallen off the other wasn't far behind, some spray might work better.
  7. Have you tried the tape around the handle bar grips?
  8. I have no intention of spaying** anything on the seat! :)

    There's enough problems now with bits of kitten all over the bike after a fast run...

    **spay [spe…™]
    (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Veterinary Science) (tr) to remove the ovaries, and usually the uterus, from (a female animal)
    [from Old French espeer to cut with the sword, from espee sword, from Latin spatha]