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Non-riding vent!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fekkinell, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. I just went for a run and on my return discovered some teenage delinquent shitbags ripping apart the front garden of a house down the street from me.

    Now, this is bad behaviour at the best of times, but this house belongs to a severely disabled couple who spend most of their day in electric wheelchairs selling chupa chups for charity, and have carers living with them full time.

    Little did the little shits know that the carer on duty today is a big black man named Richard who doesn't take kindly to criminal mischief, so the teenage brats showed their true colours... and ran away.

    Anyway... The police popped round and are keeping an eye out for the little meatbags and we're keeping an eye out too because apparently this isn't the first time this has happened.

    This shit really makes me mad!!

  2. Give them a good belting and make them apologise in person...oh we can't do that these days can we.
  3. pity we can't, it worked better than the systems do now, i know my dad woulda booted my ass so far
  4. put big bear bear traps with steel spring jaws around the garden for the bear problem your having in the area
  5. and then the little shits parents sue rather than giving them a good kicking.

    ah the law these days, so just.
  6. Yeah i can relate to your anger...
    I know im so over watching what the little shits can get away with these days and what pisses me off more is the Government wanting to dictate how we must all raise our children and they then also feel they hold the right to chuck the blame back at US when they dont turn out right....

    Some of the stories i hear from my 14 year old daughter about what some of the kids at her school get up to..... It just blows me away....

    I hate to see what society will be like in another 20 years...](*,)
  7. nah, ive got this one sorted, she has to put out a sign saying bear catching in progress enter at own risk
  8. They can only sue if they can remember or identify who beat the crap out of them. (Or so i've been told. If this allegedly were to happen. I know nothing):blackeye:


    (I in no way endorse what allegedly could be interpreted from above)
  9. 2 inches back, 1 inch up...
  10. Excellent idea. Signs make brilliant disclaimers.

    "We didn't know there were bear traps in the garden!"

    "Well there IS a sign..."
  11. Might pop down and put up a sign like this for them. I'm sure they'd be chuffed.


  12. [​IMG]

    I think that would be appropriate.