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non-riders telling us bout mtr bike accidents. ive had enuf!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. At least once a week some tool comes up to me and tells me how his/her mate, or cousin or sister-in-laws pet fkn iguana was in a motorbike accident and was seriously injured or died.
    Like we need that nice little confidence booster just as we're gearing up.

    Anyone else had enough?
  2. +1

    I get the same comments at work. Ive even told them to their faces that im very aware of the dangers, probably 100 times more than they are.. But i still get told im gonna die riding "one of those things"..

    If I had a problem with the risks i wouldnt be swing my leg over one everyday..
  3. If someone told me I was going to die riding a bike, I'd ask them if that was a threat, and if I should report it to the police. That would shut them the hell up.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. That's when you tell them that you had a mate who died of cancer at 26(true for me), and another mate who died in his sleep of heart failure at 21(true for me) and someone I went to school with who topped themselves at 19(true for me) and another mate that was killed in a car accident at 22(true for me), and a workmate who died of Leukemia(sp?) at 35(true for me) and another work mate that died instantly of a stroke at 37(true for me) and another mate that died of a heart attack while running at 35(true for me). Moral of the story, Motorcycling is the least of our worries. That tends to shut them up.

    But don't let that stop anyone from inviting me on rides.
  5. "You know those things are dangerous, don't you?"


    "Nope, wrongo boyo! Those death and injury statistics are just the kind of crap the oil companies want you to believe so you keep sitting in your Box-O'-Inefficiency!
    The truth is no-one has been killed on a motocycle since those Nazis tried to take on Harrison Ford in IJ & The Last Crusade, and I have a hadnwritten, signed letter from Sean Connery saying he likes me, so nothing bad can happen to me - especially on a motorcycle.
    This Dainese jacket was just on sale at the shops and the helmet is to stop my hair from flying off, wrapping around someone's radiator fan and causing an engine to superheat the fuel lines causing a massive explosion. Bike's aren't dangerous.

    Explosions though... whoa... you be careful out there, mate. My brother in law's friend's cousin's ex-boyfriend's uncle's pet goat once saw an explosion and it got so scared it tried to run into the house and dented the door.

    Yeah, that's right - dented the freakin door and got a splinter!
    I tell you, it was one of the most gruesome thing's I've ever seen. Insurance refused to cover the bill too. Nasty business. So yeah, be careful of explosions and goats."
  6. Ending of phone call to mum last weekend:
    "OK darling, have fun on your ride. Don't come off and write off your bike and break your ribs." She had earlier informed me of some freind of hers whos husband had done just that....nice. Real nice.
  7. (raises hand)
    yep, it annoys me.

    my cheeky quip is to tell them that my cousins uncles frineds pet labradors sister owners kid died in a shopping trolley accident therefore they should avoid shopping. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. yeah im sick of it, it's even worse when someone smoking a ciggy tells u their story
  9. yep get it all the time my pe teacher calls my baby a coffin on wheels and people are always talking about how I am going to kill my self one day.
    I just tell them im not going to kill my self if I die on my bike it will because some one it a car was being irresponsible bikes are safer then cars if there were no cars on the road almost no one would die in traffic accidents its just that bikes generally come of second best when put against a car or a truck.
    Besides ide rather die doing some thing I love then live till im 80 and have never experienced any thing.
    But there is one person who every after noon as I’m walking out to my bike putting my gear on says “don’t crash your bike and die see you tomorrow”

    But I always find you cart argue with them so I just say I wouldn’t stop for any thing in the world 4 wheels move the body. 2 wheels move the soul.
  10. I has this today over my morning coffee, had to listen to someone tell me how just about everyone they knew who had even looked at a motorbike, had met with a horrible accident

    Apparently the odd car driver is involved in an accident from time to time, don't see these people trading in their cars
  11. Offer 'em a pillion.
  12. wah wah, cry me a river. You guys sound like teenagers complaining about their parents =P
  13. On the subject what happens if i pillion some one while on my p's

    i got a friend that i want to take for a ride but I’m not sure what happens if i get caught or if its even illegal
  14. Sounds like toll, add an "r"


  15. Theres that word again...someone want to fill me in please?

    And jack...you might want to get more posts under your belt before taking shots at long time NetRiders.
  16. More likely refering to this one. :wink:

    Less likely refering to this one. :LOL:
  17. perhaps there are people here that dont only judge a post by that little number next to it.
  18. that's right, some even prefer to display their own stupidity and contribute nothing instead!
  19. Not the number, just the nut nehind the wheel...