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Non-Religious/Physics thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. As the name suggests, you can post whatever you like providing that it is not related to religion or physics.

    I just got sick and tired of every little thread being diverted to religion or physics.

    Physics and Religion bores me, plus I'm too stupid to understand it.

    So, to kick start te thread:

    I had soccer training last night, first one after about 8 years of not playing sport and abusing my body, now I'm really sore :-({|=
  2. I crashed my bike yesterday so I'm sore, too. But I didn't break any bones, thank God.

    Oh, hang on a minute, that's Physics AND Religion, isn't it??

  3. Well Played :LOL:
  4. So that would be kinematics ([almost] elastic collisions between you and the ball, rotational dynamics), thermodynamics (transfer of heat, production of said heat), conservation of energy too, and probably more.

    Just face it, you can't escape physics, it holds you together :p
  5. Great!!... a thread all about sex & drugs & rock 'n roll!! :woot:
  6. Well in that case, soccer is a banned subject as well.

    It too combines both the "forbidden words"....Physics and Religion
    Hang on thats a Monty Python saying isn't it?

    "this person has spoken the forbidden words..." 8-[
  7. ..so what are the physics of religion??.... 8-[

    Argh!!...... :LOL:
  8. I farted.
  9. Did you follow through?
  10. No. Air borrie.
  11. Wait the gasses of that fart would have mass and physically exist therefore it's part of physics to.

  12. ..and everyone would be saying "OMFG"!..... :D
  13. Maybe I should re-word the OP with 'you can talk about things related to physics and religion but cannot talk about the physics behind it, E.g I jumped, very interesting that I jumped, or the reason why I jumped may also be interesting but the physics on how I am able to jump is not.'

    :blah::blah::blah: :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  14. this wont last long lol, the banter thread went for a while
  15. ..a while???.... :-s ... it was EPIC!!!..... :D
  16. I've backed #5 Our Magicgaze in the 8th @ Hawkesbury


    4th. Bugger!
  17. theres 3 massive army choppers playing cat and mouse above my house, bloody to loud
  18. I'm still sore from soccer

    (I'm just keeping this alive because it is my protest against threads becoming a religious/physic lesson)
  19. You don't need to be Einstein to realise that it's all relative.

    I'm just praying that the gravity of this thread doesn't get worse and we start getting some weighty posts before it starts to fall into a black hole. Anyway, thank God it's a massve improvement on some threads.
  20. Oh man, the force of that argument lacks magnitude.