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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by JAAS, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. On the Pacific highway yesterday afternoon, heading up for a pie and a ginger beer on the old Pacific highway.
    So the weather is great and I’m in the right lane, around Chatswood this green Toyota Camry starts indicating that it wants to move into my lane, problem is I’m parallel with the car’s rear door. The road has about 50cm of extra road on the right of me so if the cars suddenly move into my lane I can break or move a little right and either move forward or fall behind out of danger. The average speed is 30-35kmh, so not very fast.

    And then it happens, he starts moving right, but not a sudden move, very slowly, so I make sure I am not in his blind spot by moving up next to the driver side window and have a quick look at the driver, let him know I’m here. The car is full of people, young Asian guy driving with an older Asian man in the passenger seat in the front and an older Asian lady in the back. I make eye contact with all in the car except the driver, he stairs dead ahead, I can see his eyes are making quick glacises at me but he refuses to move his head and acknowledge my presence, at this point the car is half way in my lane.

    I start my horn and hold it while the car continues to merge into my lane pushing me further and further out. I still have the extra gap on the right so I can still break and move behind or move forward, so I am still able to remove myself from the situation at any time.

    I hold that horn on for about 10 - 15 sec, feels like a life time and now he is completely in my lane, keeping to the far left of the lane but in my lane.
    The traffic comes to a stop at a set of lights and I stop right next to his window, lift the flip of my helmet so he can see my face and tap on the window and make a hand gesture to roll down the window. Again everyone in the car is looking straight at me but the driver, he has still not budged and is staring straight ahead, realising that the driver is going to continue “ignore” me and any attempt to provide feedback on his driving and merging skills is most likely not going to happen, I close my helmet and slowly move forward but can’t move further forward than the front of the Toyota as a 4x4 was blocking the side of the road I was riding so when the light goes green I move forward expecting the Toyota to not move and let me in, but guess again, as soon as he can move forward he closes the gap between his car and the 4x4 forcing me to stay on the outer side of the road.

    Fuming now I drop back, I might be mad as hell but it’s safer to move away from this little turd, so dropped back behind him moved into the left lane, over took and by now the 4x4 had moved so far forward that there was a 2 car gap in front of the Toyota. The traffic is still moving slowly 30-35kmh so I slot back into the right lane in front of the Toyota, at the next lights, I pulled out my phone, got off the bike, turned around and took a few pictures of the driver and his car while giving him the biggest death stare I could muster with my baby face.
    Got back on the bike and for the next few km I was the slowest bike in history and the Toyota kept a nice distance, didn’t try and over take or anything else, he dropped back so far I lost him at a set of lights when they changed. Rest of the ride was great and the beef and curry pie is still the bomb.

    Rant over,
  2. I think you handled yourself quite well!

    Though only 10-10-9 from the judges, we would have liked to see back end slide either stopping or taking off from front of the Camry.
  3. What a twit. I'd call the police. They most likely will just call him and inform him that they received a complaint, but it might be enough to pull his head in.

    Oh, and I echo what Smokae said. You did handle yourself well.

    Actually, I saw a guy on a KTM last week, a woman coming up the right lane on the Princes highway, wanted to merge to the middle. She kept speeding up, looking for gaps, couldn't find one. Then she saw the KTM, thought to herself (you could almost see the thought bubble over the car) "Hey! There's a gap!" sped up to along side him, then started merging.

    The KTM guy earned top marks by instantly revving the crap out of it and popping a wheelie, at which point she shat herself.
  4. Thanks Smokae and Chrome, it’s always hard knowing what option to choose when you face a fight or flight situation.
    While the whole thing was going down, I kept thinking back to stories I had read here and in OCAUmc and I kept thinking I can move away at WHOOT speed at any time and it’s over and I’m ok and the bike is fine or do I stand and fight for my position? This is what made me back away, so I guess a big thanks to the people who share their crashes and near misses in here, its these stories that make you think twice about what’s really important when you’re on the road and your blood starts to boil.
  5. It's really, really, really hard to keep your cool when someone in >2 wheeled vehicle gets your blood up. I've failed many times, though I'm getting better, for the most part.

    This video might not seem to be relevant, but it contains a message for all of us.
  6. In China drivers always look straight ahead so that if there is an incident they can say that they were not at fault (couldn't see them). They bring those driving habits with them.

    On the upside, they also drive very slowly because they are used to heavy random traffic, so they are not really a massive issue on the road.
  7. I'm confused about why you chose to maintain a dangerous position just because you were "in the right" instead of a 5 second twist of the wrist? You had faith that this twat would allow you some room even after not caring if you were there in the first place.
    1800kg Camry V's a bike. You get one vote each for being a tool in this case.
  8. Well he didn't break rule #1, so I doubt it matters.
  9. Yesss! Really well handled JAAS.

    I agree with 2wheelsagain that it is better to put some space between yourself and an obvious moron like this guy, but all the same I like the camera strategy. Well done for not letting it escalate into road rage - many people would have been sorely provoked by the actions of that driver.

    It would be nice if we all had an easy way to report drivers like this in a way that would be taken seriously by the police - e.g. a follow-up phone call or visit to the offender and an official warning. That driver's actions were both illegal and dangerous.

  10. Well handled except, like 2wheelsagain said, I would have got out of there quite a bit sooner, probably taking his wing mirror with me.....
  11. You should have taken out his mirror and kicked in his rear lights ... the fker deserved it.
    Needless to say, you are a better person than I, because I doubt I'd be able to handle myself in such a calm manner in that situation.
  12. JAAS I have to agree with everyone else on both the issues at hand. In remaining in the lane even though the car continued to merge on top of you it's only right that we should all be asking "are you out of your smegging mind?!?!" and suggesting you should have gone with the defensive action sooner. As it turns out you got away with it, this time, and then put the cager in their place with cool, calm and effective actions which resulted in the driver behaving more socially and perhaps having a little more respect for motorcyclists. Congrats on that one.
    As for mirror kicking, as tempting as it is at times, Netrider does not condone this action as it both criminal and very poor PR and that's something we don't need more of.
  13. sorry to hear about your experience dude.... but thread title of the week!
  14. GTFOOT should be as famous an acronym as ATGATT when it comes to these kinds of situations: don't mess about and hope for the best, Get The F%&* Out Of There!!
  15. Have a good think about that statement.
    Do we really need coppers knocking on our door because a cager or someone thought we were doing something dangerous or illegal?
    I bloody well don’t ](*,)
  16. Sorry, but if the choice is between being squished and damaging an idiots car, I'll take damaging the idiots car every time.
  17. But kicking a mirror while riding is actually a hell of a lot harder to pull off and more dangerous to you than it sounds... and interferes with the Prime Directive if you're about to get squished: GTFOOT!
  18. Did she, at any time, indicate to show her intention to move into the left lane?

    If she did and no car backed off to let her in, then it shows why we have such nanny-state road rules. It demonstrates how Australians don't really deserve to get licences, let alone retain them.

    Courtesy is one of the biggest elements of attitude. If people were more courteous to other road users, acknowledging their presences and allowing them to merge, we'd hear less and less of road rage.

    If, however, she didn't indicate at all, then how could she expect anyone to let her in, given that none of us are mind readers?

    Dunno what this KTM rider would've achieved by revving the engine and popping a mono, either, other than for other car drivers to mutter - another lunatic motorcyclist or temporary Australian...
  19. If you choose to smash mirrors, at least don't recommend on these forums that people here do it. Police and journalists *do* read these forums, and it helps form part of their overall opinion of motorcyclists. We already have an uphill battle when it comes to perception as it is, without making it worse. Personally, I think it's better to take the GTFOOT option.

    I've reported a couple of dangerous drivers to the plod. I don't believe they do much other than put a note on their records to say that they received a complaint. But if you get a few complaints from different people over a short period of time, I suspect they will at least give them a phone call or pay a visit and have a chat about it. Maybe it'll help pull their head in? Who knows? Do it anyway. It can't hurt - if you can get a record of the person's license plate and a rough description of the driver.

    And it really really helps your case if that person can't turn around and say, well look at the damage that biker did to my car! Bastard smashed in my mirrors! All you do by doing that is provide them with justification for being idiots, or worse, egg them on to actually attempt to kill you.
  20. I didn't say kick the mirror. The elbow armour in your jacket and/or the carbon fibre knuckles in your gloves provides very good protection against car mirrors.

    Oh and for the record, the average car door mirror isn't that hard to kick when your doing below 40. I wouldn't recommend it above that though.