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Non-perforated leather gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by intrancewetrust, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. I pretty much hate big fat nylon winter gloves, so im looking for a pair of leather gloves that are not perforated? any suggestions? dainese or alpine stars, prefer a short cuff...

  2. I don't have the carbons but I have a set of the 4 stroke which rate the same according to Dainese http://www.dainese.com/we_en/guanto-4-stroke-evo-38546.html

    I wore them on a ride with some of the Sydney NR crew up to the Blue Mountains a few weeknds ago and my fingers were painfully cold before we left Sydney at about 8am. Andrew WestAndrew West lent me a pair of inners otherwise I would have had to go home. my hands were still quite cold but somewhat bearable. I'm not sure they would be suitable for riding in any season other than summer for Tassie riders.

    I still have the inners - thanks Andrew! :whistle:
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  3. Very good question op , had a bit of a look around as well,but can't crack the code,
    I too have the winter gloves which are warm etc but feel like trying to ride with a couple of the kids stuffed toys on my hands.

    Chilliman I have the 4 stokes as well and liners saved my bacon the other day as well.
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  4. The only solution I found is heated leather gloves. Not bulky.
  5. Ive got the Revit Phantom Gloves, first winter with them on and pretty good so far. Also check out Held Gloves, best in the business.
  6. thanks, i also have a pair of four strokes i bought recently, used them for about 2 weeks then the temps dropped and my hands started freezing! Also bought some held titans a while back but the shape is all wrong for my hands, thumbs too long which is ok, but the pinky/ring fingers are too long, this puts the pads in the wrong place and i get shooting pains through those fingers when i use those gloves, so i don think i would buy helds again. still need to sell the titans and take a hit from buying those !

    dainese fit my hand perfectly but they insist on perforating the fingers...

    im actually just using some 'fashion' leather gloves at the moment, they block the wind and feeling through the thin leather is fantastic, of course they offer no protection whatsoever! hands still get cold after a little bit but its nothing like the freezing numbness that those tiny little finger holes create... was hoping there was something like the four strokes but without those damn holes in the fingers!
  7. try some latex gloves under the 4strokes, they are thin and will block the wind and trap some heat, maybe two pairs... I am an exact Dainese XL glove size
  8. do you think a thermal type under glove would do the trick? i use nitrile gloves at work and my hands end up literally marinating in sweat in no time!
  9. maybe, I guess you'll have to test it out. the difference could be the wind chill factor when on your m/c.
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  10. Let us know how they shape up mate , fitment and feel compared to the 4 strokes .
  11. will do!
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  12. Aldi ones are non-perf and cost about $35. Bought some last August on their annual sale. Fingers still get cold but take a lot longer to get there than in my perf alpinestar ones.
  13. i had it in mind to test out a cheaper brand, like RS or dririder or something, unfortunately i seem to have expensive taste! at least i know that the dainese cut fit my hand almost exactly
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  14. looking for the same thing I ended up with a pair of Dainese Veloces. No perforations on the fingers but not exactly what I'd call warm. I've got a pair of merino liners that make them a fair bit warmer and will work out ok for a day ride on a nice winter day (near Sydney...)
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  15. well shit, that woukd have saved me a few dollars. damn you dainese and your illogical category system
  16. well i got the gloves, and initial impressions were good. luckily they were out of size L so i had to go with medium, i had read a review that said they were the exact size as the four strokes, but the liner made them extra tight. my medium four stroke evo are super tight, i have to do a dance to get them on and they are a tiny bit restrictive (though not broken in yet). these slip on a lot easier, the wrist strap is much larger which is good, the four stroked have this tiny wrist strap which is kind of irritating, i have to fiddle around with it when i put the gloves on so my hand will fit past it.

    anyway, these are actually a bit looser than the four stroke evo, even with the liner. which is probably a good thing as i should be able to wear a thermal liner with no problems, but they are not so loose that they might get in the way. the thumb especially is quite roomy, but thats probably a good thing, as they have a gauntlet which i have found usually ends up restricting my thumb a little bit once a jacket is in the mix.

    the gauntlets pretty good, not protective at all with just soft padding... but since i chose to use a short cuff glove with nothing past the wrist i cant exactly complain about that. most importantly, i can actually wear them with my jacket without any issues, my held titans used to push forward and cramp my hand when worn over my jacket, and were too bulky to wear under the jacket. these guys *just* fit both ways without any problems. wearing them over the jacket feels the most comfortable though, as its quite a tight fit to wear them under.

    the padding etc seems to be in all the same places as the four stroke evo, obviously the back of the hand upwards is different. the leather is a bit softer and combined with the less bulky knuckle piece it makes the gloves almost feel broken in as soon as you put them on. time will tell if they become stupidly loose later down the track, but since they have a synthetic lining fused to the leather i actually doubt it will stretch much. if they do become loose i guess i can just wear thicker liners

    only thing i dont like is the synthetic suede on the palm, as synthetic suede is rubbish but i will just have to live with that. overall pretty happy! havent taken them for a ride yet to test the feel but will let ya know.

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  17. well took them out for a ride, the paper thin sheeps leather of those fashion gloves might have temporarily ruined me as far as gloves go, you could pick up a 5 cent coin off the kitchen bench in those things, still wouldnt want to go down wearing them on the other hand!

    the carbons felt kinda clumsy at first, though after about 15 minutes i got used to them, didnt make any major fcuk ups like i did wearing textile gloves so im happy with them. they definitely sit closer to straight up leather than oven mitts on the gloves scale, though i think there may still be a place in my arsenal for a completely unlined, unperforated pair of leather gloves for inbetween seasons like those veloce posted above. they just feel that little bit more thick and unweildy than the four strokes. with a thermal liner they would probably be fine for most winter situations, with just the unlined gloves my hands eventually felt a bit cold, but not numb type of cold just a bit chilled. i noticed when i slowed down to do some figure 8's my hands started to warm up again pretty quickly which was nice. they will be fine for my needs this winter, putting around the burbs, im fairly sure for longer or faster riding a thermal liner is going to be essential, but i was expecting that anyway.

    the fabric/leather is kind of strange, it feels soft to the touch but its kinda stiff in a way too, the sensation actually reminds me of a crusty old pair of tracky dacks. which is i guess why they couldnt sell many at $400 a pop and discontinued them, they certainly dont have that "so awesome my hands are hurting" feeling that other high end dainese gloves have where you can feel the quality of the leather and hard bits like you could punch out mike tyson, they honestly do feel like a pair of tracksuit pants on your hands! they are not unpleasant anyway just feel kind of different and at the reduced price of $300 seem like a solid buy that will serve me well
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  18. What size are the held Titans? I collect gloves like Andrew WestAndrew West collects gloves, how much you want for them?
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