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non leather.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by seanet1310, May 28, 2007.

  1. If you got a full set of rideing gear of textiles and non leather stuff would safty be compramised much for mostly city rideing with small hi-way or is it just not viable to go non leather?

  2. textile is OK but it can make your bum look big. I suspect moderately priced textiles are better than cheap leathers.
  3. Nothing will protect you like leather.

    Textiles are fine though, plenty of people have off's in textile jackets and pants and live to tell the tale.

    Think of your leathers as multi low speed off (most of the time) protection.
    Textiles are usually a 'use once' item.

    Of course exceptions to the rule apply and common sense should be used. However, if you need to use any form of protection, you wont care what its made of, as long as it does the job.

    Buy what you can afford. But buy something.
  4. Wear Leather for the protection in multiple offs, and textile for the warmth and rainproofing.
    Wear textile over leather for the best of both worlds, though that can end up with you looking like the Michelin Man. :grin:
  5. I have both textiles and leathers.

    I wear the leather pants always now, with a waterproof overpant when wet.
    I wear the leather jacket when I don't think it will rain that day, otherwise I wear the textiles in traffic.
    On a longer ride (weekends) I carry an overjacket for water protection if needed.

    My leathers have stretch panels, and they are definitely not waterproof.

    The biggest difference I noted is the warmth inside the leathers compared to the textiles. Big difference.

    I originally bought the textiles becos I couldn't afford leathers!. outfitted myself in discount dri riders for less than $200 by shopping around. I ripped the textile pants in an altercation with skippy and a barbed wire fence. The jacket lasted a 3600km ride in the rain over 4 days, without leaking.
    Now I ride every day, I deserved the leathers (says he to himself).

    I believe they provide ADEQUATE protection in traffic, at high speeds, you need all you can.

    They are also more waterproof than leathers.
  6. A decent textile suit:
    Warmth in winter, waterproofness, price is low
    Will protect you once at normal speeds
    everyday riding and commuting in all weather

    A decent leather suit:
    Protection for multiple slides down the road at normal speed, or one darn good slide at 200+kmh
    higher price, not as warm, not waterproof, price is $$
    racing or enthusiastic sports-style road riding on sunny sundays.