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Non leather gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gerb, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm vegetarian and try to stay away from leather wherever possible. Usually this isn't an issue but it is difficult with gloves.

    Does anybody know of any gloves that are non leather? My current summer and winter gloves both need replacing. I've founda couple pairs but they do not seem to offer much protection.

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  2. Hi GerbGerb,
    Most stores, like AMX, will stock textile gloves, or synthetic faux leathers.
    Shouldn't have any trouble finding something to suit that's not leather.​
  3. ..Hi Mate, a vegan here.
    Did tonnes of research finding non leather gloves but they all look like skiing gloves.

    I haven't bought any yet or haven't had any luck but contemplating on buying second hand as it does not affect the supply demand.
  4. dude you don't have to eat them
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  5. Spidi TXR looks quite nice. I doubt you'll find a pair in Australia though.
  6. Cheers thanks for the replys.
  7. Sorry to disapoint you but only leather is going to have adequate abrasion resistance, unless you like wearing metal gloves.
  8. Thats a pity, I've got a heap of leather gloves here that just need to be sewn together, (btw, you may need to catch them first too as they are in their natural state(y))​
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  9. I have goretex for winter... My gf has some a-star goretex ones that aren't thermally lined.... Both have decent protection for non track duty.

    If you're gonna compromise your diet with no animals you might as well compromise your armour the same way.
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  10. So you also don't wear leather shoes for work? Leather belt? Wallet?

    Just asking so don't take it the wrong way. :D
  11. Apologies in advanced for being insensitive but this isn't the lifestyle/hobby to be squabbling over personal beliefs when choosing protective gear, you'll already be splattering many insects, eating many butterfly's and burning many dinosaurs!
    If you want to compromise on something to feel good about yourself and save the planet then replace the leather seat with a brick or buy a pushbike.

    Gloves are one thing you don't want to compromise on when sliding down the road, unlike synthetic alternatives leathers will not melt and embed itself into wounds. Nothing I've worn has similar property's to abrasion resistance, comfort, flexibility to operate controls and insulation against the elements. Unless your scootering around the city or dressed in lycra the textile airmesh gloves will not protect you.
  12. Motoport who's products I have no experience with beg to differ. They are quite insistent and do a non leather glove for $169usd. Philistines.
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  13. The gloves will be worn for city riding and the odd longer trip through the country. I won't be doing any track work. I'm aware that leather gear offers the best protection but I have found that textile pants and jackets offer enough protection for my needs. I was hoping there might be gloves that would do the same. If I can't find any, then I will need to consider my options.

    Is this comment just for gloves or do you apply it to all gear? How do you feel about textile pants and jackets?

    Thanks for the tip about gortex. BTW my diet is not compromised at all. I eat far healthier than I use to and all my levels (iron, b12, etc) are perfect. It is a very healthy alternative if you eat the right things.

    I still have some leather things from before I became vegetarian and I still use them. I figure there is no point throwing anything out. I haven't bought anything leather in over 3 years though. There are heaps of alternatives out there when it doesn't need to keep you safe sliding down a road.

    How many textile gloves have you worn? The few that I have seen have been very comfortable and seemed flexible enough but did not seem like they would offer much protection. Squashing bugs is unavoidable but if I can avoid wearing leather I will.
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  14. Tried a handful of summer gloves at AMX, mostly the kind which has a mesh top and a light leatherish bottom and used a cheap pair when I buzzing around in Thailand.
    Comfortable to wear stationary however certainly not if comfort involves rain or riding in anything below 30c...the elements just passes straight threw them and theirs nothing worse then frostbitten fingers.
    Seen the results of not wearing gloves first hand...the results were not pretty and have scared me into wearing the best every ride (google images for yourself if your in doubt)

    Textile jackets are good, will recommend them over leather anyday for commuting...especially higher end ones which contain gortex to help with moisture and a CE backprotector.
    After a couple of weeks you will get fedup of wearing textile pants, kevlar jeans with armour are great.
  15. Cheers thanks for the perspective. That explains why non leather gear is easy to access except for gloves.
  16. "Sorry to disappoint you but only leather is going to have adequate abrasion resistance, unless you like wearing metal gloves."
    Is this comment just for gloves or do you apply it to all gear? How do you feel about textile pants and jackets?

    In reply to your question above, leather gives the best abrasion resistance by far. There is a reason why bike racers wear leather suits.

    In any case, there is no way of assessing the abrasion resistance of textiles gear in Australia. In the EU there is a standard for that but not many manufacturers produce textile gear to that standard.

    The stiff plastics they use in motorcycle racing and motocross boots surpasses leather in this regard but obviously it's not to practical to wear a stiff plastic suit, esp not in 30+ heat!

    I take your point about leather, but it saved my life once when i had a major accident. 3 months off work from an IMPACT injury but not a scratch on me as my full leathers took it all.
  17. Ok I stand corrected but do they meet the EU standard (CE EN 13595) for abrasion resistance? That is the only way to truly tell if it has been tested. Also, you paying nearly AU$200 to get the same level of protection a $60 leather glove will give you.

    Having said that, I do wear textiles in the heat of summer but I'm under no illusion that it will provide the same level of protection as my leather gear (Alpinestars) and tend to ride quite a bit slower and more carefully. maybe that is not a bad thing ;)

    There is a good article on gear safety here. Worth reading:

    Jackets and pants - Motorcycle Council of NSW - Road Safety

    European Standards for Motorcycle clothing (PPE) - Motorcycle Council of NSW - Road Safety
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  18. but you still eat Bacon don't you?

    everyone eats bacon
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  19. We all make our own choices about things, but you obviously see the value of not wasting things. They don't raise animals for their skins for the purpose of making leather, though. This leather is a by-product of meat production. If it were not to be used in footwear, sporting goods and clothing, it would simply be wasted. This is the basis of rationale that I've heard from other vegans who continue to wear leather. It's no leverage on the meat industry or production of animal protein one way or the other if people stop using leather. Personal choice really.

    That leather is a superior product is a bonus. The longevity of leather products is a factor in my choice of leather. Cared for, leather can last a lifetime. Buying non-leather belts is buying into the throw-away society wholesale. They do not last. Simply put, they, and many other synthetic products are ephemeral, fashion item junk and a waste of the worlds resources to produce, and keep replacing.
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