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Non-LAMS 250-500cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gofoe, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Hey all.
    I'm currently on a VTR250 and researching new bikes to upgrade to since my LAMS period is almost up. That being said, I'm a student (and will be for the next couple of years) so I'm looking for something within the 250 - 500cc power range (economy and insurance price related), and isn't a LAMS bike (they seem to be inflated in price). Naked, sports and cruisers are fine. Budget is roughly 4-6k.

    Do these even exist? Haha.

    Thanks guys.

  2. What's wrong with the VTR, have you outgrown its potential or just time for a new toy ?
  3. I think that you will find that most bikes within the range that you have specified will be LAMS.
  4. I don't think non lams bikes have inflated prices. I think u should go and take a cbr600 f4i for a ride. U can get a really nice one in your budget. Simply awesome road bike
  5. You could look for an Aprillia RS250.

    Oh, sorry, you said you wanted economy.

    Again, sorry, you want a new one...
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  6. RS125, RS250, RGV250, RZ500, RG500, NSR250/400 will all be collectors items gathering dust in a museum before to long.....
    Gone almost forever will be the glorious days of that wicked powerband, special exhaust note, and acrid smoke filling the garage of a morning......:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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  7. He's looking under 500cc for insurance and rego. Don't know whats below 500cc that's not LAMS.
  8. The only non LAMS options sub 650cc are the old two stroke terrors (in road bikes) and a few of the two stroke enduros.

    If you are looking for under 500cc I'd suggest looking at the CB(R)500R/F/X. They are lams but pretty close to the power limit for LAMS. In other jurisdications where there aren't "learner bikes" (i.e. the US) they seem to be a popular choice as an everyday bike.
  9. Umm I think you're forgetting about the ZX6R, GSXR600, CBR600RR and the R6.

    But old mate is looking in the 250 to 500 range so I really think his only options are the old 250cc 2 strokes.
  10. I think you are going to have to give up on the not-LAMS notion. I get what you are saying about price, but there are LAMS bikes in your budget and it has its upsides too.

    e.g. If $3-6k is your budget, then a GS500 can be had quite readily, with OK ks. The good news is, being a LAMS bike, it won't devalue much during your ownership.

    If you somehow land a non-lams 250-500cc bike, the value when you sell it won't be great.
  11. Yep, only the Lams banned 2-strokes are in that bracket, or the GP race bikes.. but there normally way higher then the budget.

    There are a number of good deals around, got a 650rl for 5k was meant to be 7k but price dropped when we called up, with less then 5k kms on the clock.
  12. Thank you all for the replies, very insightful. I'll probably pick up something along the lines of an SV650, 650R, F4i, ER6n or CB600f. Would grab a Street Triple R if I could, though. ;-)
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    look into the CB400, if you keep it low, its good on petrol and when you rev the crap out of it delivers on power (at the cost of petrol)

    Will do 70KPH at 5000rpm in 6th gear easy considering the engine isnt at work till 6500+ RPM. 6000RPM is cruise mode

    Keep it below 5000rpm and your golden on petrol

    When you rev it up its fun and will still be less petrol than a 600cc

    There maybe more bikes out there with better miles per gallon, but the cb400 good on miles per gallon if your riding it like a granny and gives you the option of acting like a hooligan on weekends

    heres a good site to see how people are doing with fuel consumption http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle
  14. Unless you are a gay accountant, ignore the CB400.
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    I wouldn't limit myself to 500cc. Something like a SV650 or even an early low klm FZ-1 or even a bandit would provide cheap thrills but it wouldn't come up in the above search on bikesales. These are tried and tested bikes that do most things pretty well. Just what a student needs!

    I would imagine they would be less to insure and run than a non lams 250, ala RS250 or the like too.
    Food for thought!
  16. Bugger......that was meant as sub 500cc
  17. I take offence at that. I am no accountant nor gay! But as you can see. I do have a little willy.
  18. After having a Street Triple R for a couple of months... Make it happen. Don't care how, just do it. Sell your kidneys or something.
  19. Have you thought of making some life changes?