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Non Jap 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xtr3m3, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. I have read that hyosung and zongshens are not as good as japanese brands just seking opinions of owners or people who have actually ridden one. personally like the look of the hyosung

  2. Theres been a fair amount of debate in the past as to the quality of Hyosung bikes, although I've heard that early 'teething problems' have been rectified on new bikes. Personally I reckon a Hyosung would be alright, although that sort of cash in the secondhand market will net you something quite nice.

    I'm guessing you're looking at learner bikes - LAMS means that most states will let you ride larger bikes than the previous 250cc limit. Look into this if you haven't heard about it yet.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. They've probably improved now, but when I rode a hyosung comet, it had a TERRIBLE gearbox. Very hard to find neutral, found a few false neutrals, required lots of force to change gear. Sometimes the gearbox jammed in a gear and refused to leave it until it was turned off and shook whilst being rolled back and forth.
    Also it had a rusty frame (after about 2 years).

    But the engine started well and was tractable.
  4. Hi,

    I test rode the GT650S and GT650R in LAMS. I loved them both. Having said that I bought a GS500F.

    This was simply because I was frightened of the reputation of the Hyo. I love my GS, but I'm no longer on a restrictd licence and would really like to have had a full power bike now (I could've had one if I had bought the hyo).

    Do I regret buying the GS? No, it's a great bike and been reliable as could be. But on the other hand everytime I see a 2008 GT650, I do wonder what might have been.

    A good place to look is the korider.com site. It's a forum dedicated to Hyosung.

    I know I have not helped, but keep us updated with what you end up doing. The Suzuki GSX650F is only a littlemore than the hyo and they are a good looking bike too. They might be worth a look.

    Good luck with the purchase.

  5. Well you'd probably have really got to know your dealer while you waited for parts...

    And as far as being sorted on korider there's another recall due to failing cam chain tensioners. Just be aware that Hyo Aus will probably say the problem doesn't exist
  6. i had a 2007 hyo gt250r and it was great (IN MY OPINION) never had any problems (well i did, but they were to my error, not the bikes) parts were fairly cheap and yeah, would have easily lasted me until i got off my P's except a lady KO'd my hyo and i went for a gs500f, i miss the sportiness of the hyo alot though :( can't wait to get off restrictions!
  7. I've ridden the 650r briefly, was fine to ride no issues.

    But I've been at the side of the road with hyo owners when they've broken down for no reason, many many times and for that fact alone I wouldn't get one. In terms of riding no issues, but the build quality isn't up to jap standards and won't be for years. Sure you might get lucky and have no issues as many do. But the % of those with complete lemon stories is unacceptably high.

    Run a search on here and read what hyo owners have written, as this issue has come up a billion times and is already well documented.
  8. Whoflungs aren't a bad bike to ride, and they look nice and shiny, which ropes in many a clueless n00b. But buying one is a game of Russian roulette; some of the quality issues I've seen have been genuinely scary, and the stories I've heard are worse.

    Go get one if you're feelin' lucky, but be aware that many of us will see you and wince.
  9. I've owned a VTR250 (bought it new in 2006, got some scares that put me off riding and sold it a few months later) and currently own a GT250 Comet (bought new towards the end of 2008 so is the MY09 - I haven't had any newbie scares so like riding a lot more this time around). I'm by no means an experienced rider or mechanic but here's my take on the difference between the two.

    VTR250 - is light, has good ergonomics (the brake/clutch/gear selector locations out of the box suited me nicely), a smooth gear box, runs and rides well. Its a good bike and was about the most expensive out of the ones available for learners in Victoria at the time with a ride away price of about $8,500.

    GT250 Comet - is about 25-30 kg heavier than the VTR and feels it but is a bigger bike so suits a taller person more than a VTR, engine seems to run the same as the VTR did, the brake/clutch/gear selector levers aren't as good of a set up out of the box but that's easily fixed, its gear box needs a little more force (not much more) to select gears but is fine, runs and rides well. However, its front brakes don't feel as good as they did on the VTR. You only notice that when you brake hard. The standard Shinko tyres are an unknown brand to me which doesn't instill as much confidence in leaning the bike over as the standard Bridgestones did on the VTR. I don't know if the Shinkos are worse tyres. Overall, mine is pretty good and does what I need it to. It was also $2,500 less than the new VTR was back in 2006. IMO, the Comet should cost around $1,500 less than a new VTR (not possible to get them new anymore) because it seems a little less refined and has an oil cooled engine.

    Mine has been worth the gamble on the price difference. Having said that, my exes bike (same bike bought at the same time) runs a little rough and it did straight from the start. So the quality control isn't as good for Hyosung as it is for Honda. It seems that Hyosung is improving but they aren't yet up to the level of the Japanese manufacturers. I perceived that they improved enough to give them a chance.

    Get a non-Japanese bike if you want to but be aware of the fact that the variability in quality between two new Korean bikes is higher than that between two new Japanese bikes. Like I said, mine is fine (so far) as is a riding buddies of mine but stories I've read from other past Hyosung owners on this forum still has a seed of doubt in my mind about the quality/reliability of a Hyosung. The trade-off is that its a cheaper bike.
  10. They're rubbish. Can we lock this thread now as this topic has been done to death.

    OP - Do a search. Plenty of info on here from owners (including me) about how shit they are.
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