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non HD cruisers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spongesam, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. never really thought about it, but do patch's like to intimidate us kids who can't afford a stereotypical HD?

  2. No - they don't care what cruiser you have, unless you are trying to copy them :wink:
  3. getting ape hangers and such is not considered copying them?
  4. No, my above comments were tongue in cheek, in that no patch clubs ride Jap Cruisers so don't worry, customise your bike anyway you want and just enjoy riding it :cool:
  5. i think im gonna get some HD badges ... w00t... lol
  6. Yamaha 1700 Warrior / HD V-rod = teh kickarse.

    I'd buy either of those if I wanted a cruiser... and had loads of spare cash...
  7. ...or do what Stookie thought of and have Hardley Davidson stickers made up :wink:
  8. i think i'lll just buy an HD tank... lol
    but the way mine sounds right now... i don't think i will do that... it's a little 'quiet' :(
  9. I did think about this when I got my cruiser ,have sat a light with 1% er's next to me ,gave a nod ,got one back.

    Also ridden with a guy with his patchs on ,on a all day ride.
    They havn't got any problems ,they might not like Jap bikes ,but don't give you a second thought.
  10. I saw a Nomads 1%er in Sydney on a Triumph Rocket III - first time I've ever seen a rider with colours that wasn't on a Harley!

    Now if you want a cruiser that goes, stops and corners AND has the uniqueness of Italian ancestory.....

    The way the V was meant to be!
  11. It used to be more common to see them on British bikes, then Hardleys but that died out with the British industry.

    There is a fair bit of racism in the 1%ers, so don't expect them to be friendly all the time, but I think the mindset that only Hardley can do cruisers has been severely dented in the last decade.
  12. Don't think they particularly care about the bike you ride. They will definitely care if you deck yourself out with imitation patches and rockers however. That will get you seriously hurt.

    Really, its just the sportsbike riders you have to worry about - but at least they aren't picky. They'll hang sh!t on you whether your cruiser is a Harley or a Jap alternative :LOL:
  13. i think only a wanka would disrespect another rider because of his ride. i'd always admire jap cruisers and they'd always admire my harley.