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Non coverage of SBK

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by brokey, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. WTF??? Here we have 5 aussies racing in the premier class (to me anyway), and more racing in the Supersports and the National championship, all on the same day, and these lousy turds cant give it anymore coverage than that, not even live
    :roll: :twisted:

  2. what do you expect from a bunch of half arsed suits like channel 10 brokey ?
    they only care about football and V8's because theres money in it .
  3. Yeah I know, just wanted to vent my spleen I guess :?
  4. try venting the slpeen of there complaints dept :LOL:
    get a emaill address as stick it up on all the bike sites and flood them with complaints
  5. Doubt it would do much good...its getting live air time on foxtel..a fair amount of time too but that costs too bloody much :x
  6. you'll have to do the same as me col , watch the high lights on the news :LOL:
  7. Well you may need to go out and get Foxtel.

    Fox Sports 1
    Sunday 3rd April
    7:30pm World Superbike Championship
    Motorsport. Round 2: From Phillip Island.

    Total 3hrs of coverage....

    Ya get nothing for free these day....
  8. On FS2, it is live from 11.30am to 5pm.
  9. Yes, i noticed that after I looked at Fox Sports 2...
  10. And further to the extensive coverage that the local media is giving the supers, Win News, which takes in Sth Gippy and PI, had a 10 sec. bit as the last item in the "sports wrap". You know, the bit where they talk about the Omeo basketball league holding its lamington run. Dennis Walter, the WIN news "anchor", said that Phillip Island is set to hot up over the weekend, and went to a break before the weather.

    Love it or hate it, thank the gods of the ABA that we have pay TV. Otherwise, our motorcycle racing coverage would be nearly non-existant...
  11. I expected a bit more than 3 hours of coverage on the Sunday night on Pay TV. :x
  12. There is 1.5 hours on sat on Fox Sports2 from 1530 and on sun as mentioned above from 1130 - 1700 should be ok
  13. Send emails to tv@rpmlive.tv
    Showing the Supers in summary for 2 hours a week later (on the 10th) is dispicable. It's a world class event that deserves live telecast, or at the very least a delayed telecast. Not a summary package a week later.
  14. Jason
    I totally agree
    and have been harassing teevee stations over their (lack of) motorsport
    programs since Adam was a boy
    Despite with the GP Corp and AVESCO say, motorsport (with the probable exception of F1) on TV is a non event
    so me???
    I see it live!
    and tomorrow morning ...PI here I come