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Non Bikers trying to scare you out of riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by im.on.it, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Thanks to my bro I'm so scared of riding now. NOT.

    I received an email from my brother with a ppt showing some guy on a trail bike had been cut in half after hitting a pole. Thanks for the gory pics but I don't ride squiddy and I don't ride like a complete "asshat"

    The link to pics below a bit gory so don't click if you get squeemish.

    don't toss your cookies
  2. Definitely not clicking. A dear friends sent me some similarly or more gory ones of an accident aftermath a while ago (he's a rider so I'm not sure why) and didn't tell me what the PowerPoint was of. I opened it before breakfast... I'm sure there would be similar shock tactics pics of car accidents around - ffs, of backyard barbecues blowing up or whatever... seems pointless to me: as you pointed out, proper protection and smart riding make these outcomes a lot less probable.
  3. sooooo um ,,, is the dude in the pics ok now????


    tell your brother to nick off! and get back in his little air tight bubble!

    but heed the message and be careful on the roads! :p :p :p
  4. he got owned.
  5. Y'know, that is gross, but for some reason I could look at them alright.

    But I can't stand watching needles and some of the stuff they show on CSI...

  6. I wanna see pics of the pole!
  7. Non riders try to scare me out of riding every time I take the bike out. Of course, they are in cars at the time.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Oh yeah, the needles in the eye last week, that was hard to watch :shock:

    I have some bike accident pics that are worse than those one's too, just tell him that while he has to email you pics like that of bikes, all you have to do is watch the evening news every night to see the car crash pics.
  9. For sale one slightly used KTM Motard, needs work, best offer.
  10. He really did drop his guts.
  11. "Have a Coke, a smile, and shut the **** up." - Eddie Murphy, quoting Richard Pryor. - RAW

    Thats what I'd be sayin, :cool:
  12. wow, that would have sucked.
  13. I'm confused. How fast was he going to have a pole slice him in half? Or by pole do they mean a thin blade-type support structure?

    I just can't see how a body hitting a cylindrical object of reasonable size could sustain that kind of trauma, without massive speeds being involved - which one probably wouldn't be achieving on a dirt bike. For this reason, I remain unconvinced this is a legit set of photos.
  14. Yeah i can look at them and still want a bike . Weird though - because i cringe at needles :shock: .
  15. I am with Tenoq... Suprises me how they are riding "squid" or even more, why he would do so but at the same time wear gloves. :roll:
  16. agree, also there doesnt seem to be a great deal of blood.
    not that i have seen many dead people before, but i expected more blood.
  17. Equaly, you can show him pictures of people with demolished skulls with there brains in the back seat of there car.
  18. I'm with you on this one, there is a pole in one of the pics maybe pic 9, which is way too thick to slice anything. it does have some smears of red stuff on it. Gash on his leg should probably have bled a lot more, No road rash on bare legs and arms, look at the way the blood seems to have been poured on his left leg knee and shin.
  19. Or a picture of a 50 yo dude in a beige cardigan on an oxygen machine who never rode a motorcycle because 'they're too risky'.

    As a friend of mine says "I'm here for a good time, not a long time."
  20. it annoys me when non bikers try and tell you to give up your bike. i went to the doctors and the doctor went on for 5 mins why being on a bike is dangerous and that i should get a car instead.
    damn stupid people!