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Nolan n84 Hemet hunt

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cambo2001, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. At the moment I have an XJ600s have been riding bikes off and on for almost 1/2 century turn 70 in a few weeks. With a 20 odd year layoff been back riding 5 years. Bought a I think is was a y 50 to try and get some courage. 2 weeks later bought a postie had that for 9 months, then bought the XJ which I plan to ride to Melbourne this September, being retired allows me plenty of time to work on the bike. Do all my own work study the workshop manual well.

    Go for many rides covering 2/300 ks plenty of good rides in this area , wish the wife would jump on the back. I suppose it;s just as well she doesn't.

    Anyway I have to buy a new helmet, one that is not affected by the outside noise have considered a Nolan N84 so if anyone can fill me in on a better or equivalent one I thank you in advance.

    Cheers Cambo2001
  2. 1. Pop over to the welcome thread and introduce yourself or this thread will get locked by one of the mods.
    2. What's your budget? Nolan are good but not the best for noise insulation.
    The quietest helmet I've used is a BMW/Shuberth, much quieter than my previous Shoei and Nolan helmets.
    3. Consider ear plugs, they don't block out engine noise from either your bike or other cars/trucks etc.
  3. Womble As you have probably guessed I have a tight budget, however I consider the purchase of a decent helmet very important. I will need a good reliable helmet 1st for the safety aspect. 2nd As little whistling and outside interference as possible.
    Thank you for your input it is much appreciated.
    I do have plenty of time to research this.
    Cheers Cambo2001
  4. The other important thing to consider is fit. An expensive but ill fitting helmet is worthless in a crash.
  5. Thank you for comments which are so true, been there done that.
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    Just to throw another reason that I should have laid out before the guys I go riding with have suggested that I should have a helemet with the ability to have/or run a CB radio also my Mobile plus the GPS. Anyone that also uses this system please let me know the pitfalls. If any, If you do can you please advise the makes & models

    I do no have CB yet the GPS is a Navman MY65 which I am seriously considering replacing.
    I do have mobile.
    Cheers Cambo
  7. Do your mates with CBs ride bikes with big fairings (like Goldwings or Electraglides)? The reason I ask is that piping the audio to your helmet, and controlling the talk switch, is less clear-cut with CB compared with an intercom system. Behind a big fairing you can run a conventional speaker to hear the conversation; with an intercom you pipe it into your helmet and talk over a localised Bluetooth network. Rigging your GPS might be less convenient than using your phone; either way, you'll need to rig up a power feed for a day on the road. I have the added problem that I can't read the GPS screen without my glasses so the voice in my ear is much better! Load a free or cheap (Metroview is a bargain at about $17) GPS app into your phone and use the Bluetooth link from phone to intercom to get turn-by-turn instructions, music if you have it in the phone, and duplex audio to three (or five, depending on the model) riders within a 300-500m range. A unit like this one (http://senabluetooth.com/product/intercoms/smh5/) is going great guns for me. After 46 years on the road, it's great to have music, pillion conversation and other benefits. The SMH10 can talk to four others and has a longer range; price is a bit higher. My Sena SMH5 is plumbed into a Nolan N43 Trilogy helmet. I use it with these earplugs (http://www.envcoglobal.com/catalog/product/hearing-protection/rocketsĀ®-earplugs.html), minus the cord, and get great audio quality with reduced wind noise.