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Nolan N102

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Gowron, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Just got the new Nolan N102 flip face helmet, very nice helmet indeed, comes with N comm setup, and the new sun protection visor which is cool, and can be lifted up seprate of the visor if it annoya or it is getting dark, very comfy helmet, and can put the helmet on while still wearing my glasses which is cool. I got mine in the mattblack finish and is a very spiffy looking helmet. An easy to use release mechanism to lift the face up a small lever at the chin that you lift and push down another lever aboce it which will pop out. Very comfortable safe groovy looking helmet.

  2. Get yer camera out and model it for us!
  3. You must have got mine - that is the colour I wanted but they didn't have any in the stores when I was buying. So got the gloss black one.

    Had mine for about five months and apart from it being a bit noisy (although I haven't worn a top of the range full face to compare) very comfortable. I actually wore my open face today and the Nolan is much easier to get on and off with sunnies on.
  4. Does anyone have anything to add to this--I've been looking at them, worry about the wind noise potential from the external dark visor while liking the idea--and you got matt black--was told they didn't do it. :roll:
  5. My wife just bought one of those flip-up Nolans on Thursday, in the gloss black. It seems like a good jigger so far, comfortable and less claustrophobic than a normal lid. From the spare parts in the box I'd say you can rip the tinted visor strip off and plug up the gap with replacement parts at the hinge.
    I have a Lazer flip-up, 'pretty happy with it too.
  6. I'm now riding a completely naked bike and on my run in trip of 1,100kms, I can't believe how quiet the helmet is :cool:

    And no issue with the dark visor up or down

    Great helmet that I've worn flipped open at highway speeds and highly recommend
  7. That's very interesting, Toecutter-I have a very worn HJC CL-11, given faithfull service, now getting rather loose, and IMHO, very noisy. Have to wear earplugs at all (highway)times. Lousy seal around the visor, I think. My current rides are a Rockster with a small Wunderlicht Trimm screen, and a Commando which often wears a Stone fairing. Naked bikes can really vary-and a screen can actually make things worse, if the buffetting gets you in the wrong place. So many variables....and how can you really evaluate a helmet in a bloody shop :roll:
  8. I probably wasn't too clear in my earlier post :oops:

    Having previously had two faired bikes, and even removing screens and just keeping the bottom fairing still saw too much turbulence hitting me in the head.

    My "test", is to stand on the pegs and that is as quiet as your helmet can be, and on my current bike - there is no difference when standing or sitting :grin:
  9. I got a new N102E recently, seems great. The flip down sunvisor is very effective, the release mechanism is better than the old one, and it does all the things the old one used to do so well.

    It is quite heavy though, dorky looking and I wouldn't call it a quiet helmet. Still, I'm hooked on Nolan flip faces.
  10. 2 months on, I've discovered another slightly annoying flaw with the N102E...

    The flip-down dark sun half-visor thing (VPS) can be removed and two plug thingies put in its place. I assume the only time most people would want to remove it would be if they were going to be going really fast somewhere and didn't want the flipped-up VPS thing getting exposed to high speed wind.

    I took the VPS off and put the plugs in for a long fast ride the other day, and both the feckin plugs blew off in the wind. Granted, I was travelling at a reasonable clip, but that was the reason I took the VPS off in the first place. GRRRRR.

    Still a top lid for around town/legal speed stuff, but I wouldn't want to follow an N102E wearer around a racetrack, those plastic disc plugs are about 10cm in diameter and probably don't offer great grip.
  11. Think I'll just raise this thread from the dead . . .

    Just wore my new Nolan N102 for the first time, used the sunvisor, both up and down, and it worked great at city speeds.

    The best part was the anti-fogging system. It was pretty cold at 7:30am today and I was looking forward to testing the 'double glazed' visor. The Nolan comes with a second, slightly smaller, visor that clips onto the inside of the main visor. This completely prevents the visor from fogging up. It worked brilliantly. :grin:
    I was well pleased as I could now be distracted by all the admiring glances from the pretty ladies as I rode past their bus stops. :biker:
  12. I've had my N102 for just over a year now (ever since they were released). I like it. I also have the optional N-Com which allows me to use my mobile phone wirelessly by bluetooth and listen to mp3s from my phone.

    It's not the quietest or lightest helmet, but it's pretty good, good enough that the other features that people here have mentioned mean it is the best and most practical helmet for my 6-days-per-week commuting plus any weekend touring I do.

    My $800 shoei now stays at home 28 days out of 30... it only comes out for sporting sundays in the hills, and for track days.

    Anti-fog screen insert
    Dual visor (clear/tint) so you don't have to change screens all the time
    Washable insides
    Music! Yay!
    Answer phone calls with no buttons/wires/etc
    Flip front mechanism on eccentric so the chinpiece sits closer to the helmet
    Vents that work
    5 year warranty (!)

    Complicated to change/remove screen IF you have to do it
  13. Sorry to resurrect an old thread...

    I tried the Nolan on in the shop today. Seemed like a decent flip-front, although I've never owned a helmet of any description before so I don't have much to compare it to. Felt much better than the cheaper brand I tried. Liked the clip-mechanism - able to be operated one-handed but no chance of it coming unlatched accidentally.

    So, my questions for those of you who own one:

    1. Would it be ok as a first helmet?
    2. Is the shell just plastic? Does this matter? Is it possible to get a fibreglass or composite version?
    3. Does it matter that the cheek padding doesn't come as far forward in a flip-front as a full-face?
    4. The ones I saw were about $430 I think. Is this a good price?
    5. How much is the n-comm system?

    Thanks for your help. I'm keen to get a helmet - bought all my other gear today :)
  14. 1 - It would be fine so long as you feel comfortable with it. Mine has compressed a bit and is now a bit looser than when I bought it, so I'd recommend a snug fit.

    2 - The helmet is made from whatever they deem to be the best material, don't sweat it, you are buying a well made Italian helmet

    3 - Part of the design I'd say, I'm used to mine and have no complaints.

    4 - I think I paid $399. Go to a few shops and ask for a discount, one of them should give you 5-10% off

    5 - Don't know, do a search, or PM hotcam as per above post or ask the shop/s. For me, I couldn't talk on the phone and ride a bike.
  15. $400 is the standard price. Another $400 for the N-COM system last time I checked.

    Is it okay for a first helmet? Yes, provided you know how to put something on your head!

    Warning - once you've used a flip-face you'll find it very difficult to go for any other kind of lid.
  16. Yes I agree. I bought snug and now its very comfortable and just barely enough room for a silk balaclava underneath on those zero degree mornings.

    It's GE Lexan which is what they use in bulletproof windows (!) and Nolans have saved my head in more than one crash. I trust it more than cheap nasty fibreglass for the same money (fibreglass is more expensive to make because of the labour content where a top quality resin shell can be made entirely on machine). Also the interior crash absorption foam is critical to preventing concussion/brain injury in an impact on a flat surface, and Nolan are very good in this.

    Great for street riding. For extended periods above 200km/h the helmet can get pushed back onto your face a bit. I have a Shoei which only sees use on the racetrack because the Nolan is so damn comfy and practical (and has music) :grin: That means value for money, both cost 800 each but the Nolan gets used 6 days a week and the shoei 1 time per month.

    Was 399 a year ago, may have gone up a little in the meantime?

    Was 299 for the bluetooth computer and 99 for the speakers/mike, i.e. 398 for the complete kit.

    The antifog insert is worth its weight in gold, BTW. I also like how you can buy all the spares e.g. vents if you break them.
  17. Awesome!! Thanks for the response guys!!

    I just hit Elizabeth St in my lunch break and tried on a whole lot more helmets. Unfortunately the Nolans don't seem to be working for my head - they're too tight around the forehead and too loose around the cheeks. This is a pity, because I've heard such great things about them. I also tried on an HJC and a Shoei. The Shoei didn't seem to fit either - the small wasn't snug enough, but the XS was pressing in on my forehead and bound to give me a headache. The HJC seemed to fit the best, but I'm a bit worried about the mechanism for unclipping the face - it's a single big button which makes me imagine hitting it in a crash and having the whole thing unlatch on me!!

    Does anyone have any comments about other brands than Nolan? Does anyone own the HJC? Are there other brands I should try?

    Christie :)
  18. Yeah the Nolans are known as a helmet which fits wider heads that are shorter front-to-back. Other brands will fit narrower longer heads, or somewhere in between. Shape and fit is critical in a helmet.

    Shoei have just released a new flip front helmet that should be hitting store shelves any day now.
  19. My Nolan has only seen about 6 months of daily use and the unlock mechanism on the flip part seems to be getting harder to disengage. To the point where I have to pull the helmet off without flipping it.

    Anybody else experienced this? not sure if its just a consequence of rain and humidity making things tighter inside.

    Also the warranty on these helmets, anyone know how long it is? The packaging only details Euro warranty.
  20. Take it back to where you got it, the warranty will cover the small adjustment necessary. You may need to leave it with them for a week so they can send it to the specialist adjuster bloke, so bring a spare helmet.