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Nolan N101 Flipface helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Anyone seen one of these in a shop?

    I've had a look at the N100Es and they suit me pretty well but wouldn't mind getting a look to see what's changed on the new model (+ I like the sexy flat black, grey colour scheme :p )

    Haven't found any reference to them in Australia at all though. Not complianced yet maybe?

  2. Nolan must be a resonable brand, noticed that Dani Pedrosa in the 250cc championship was wearing one (Nolan that is, not a flip face) at Jerez at the weekend
  3. The N100Es I've seen look to be pretty well constructed and were quite comfy. Hard to say about noise levels etc. because I haven't actually worn one anywhere but a shop but yeah they seemed very good quality.

    I'll probably grab an N100E as to be honest more then half my interest is just the sexy paint job. Still would like to get a look at the new one if I could.
  4. last week i purchased a new nolan for the coming winter (N61 - 75 flat black matrix), its an exceptional fit, has a quality finish, and incorporates an anti-fog system. but here in oz we dont get the whole range, nolan is an italian made helmet without a rip off price.

  5. I realise we don't get all of them. Just figured that as the N101 is an update rather then a different model might have had more luck.

    May I ask where you bought from DuHAST?
  6. yep forgot to add i purchased my nolan from


    check the spiderman nolan on the bottom pic on thier homepage, wicked.
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  8. Done some poking around and it seems the N101 may not even be complianced for Australia yet.

    Fired an email off to Nolan but haven't heard back yet.